first date without gift

Should I buy a gift for my first date?

So you’re smitten, it was love at first sight, and you worked up the courage to ask her out. You’re not sure what you’re gonna do, all you know is that you really want to impress this girl. Flowers and chocolates won’t do for this goddess. Then you think to yourself “Should I buy a gift for our first date?” Hold your horses champ! I’m all about first impressions, but this is tricky territory.

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just for you regift

When is Regifting Appropriate?

Occasionally, I will get a gift that I just cannot use, or refuse to use. Then the question becomes, what do I do with this gift? Some will try to return the gift. If you’re fortunate enough to know where the gift came from, you’re still at the mercy of store policy. Without a receipt you’ll probably get store credit. Inevitably you’ll arrive at the question “Should I use this present and save it to regift to someone?”

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valentines day gift for ex

Gift Guide: Should I Get My Ex A Gift on Valentine’s Day?

Should I get my ex a gift this Valentine’s Day? The answer is, it depends. Getting a Valentine’s Day gift for your ex is no small decision. You should contemplate your relationship history and your goals, before committing to sending them a present. Some want to rekindle an old flame. Others just want to mend bridges. In this gift guide I’ll pose several question, and the answers should help you decide if reaching out to your ex is in your, and their, best interests.

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fun white elephant gift

White Elephant Gift Guide: To Do, and Not To Do

So, your office “holiday” party is coming up, and the admin just sent out the message letting everyone know that there is no more secret Santa. Instead the office will be doing a white elephant gift exchange at the holiday party this year. Furthermore, you can’t spend more than $20 on your gift. I’m going to show you how to maximize your money, and get the perfect white elephant gift that all your co-workers and friends will be fighting over.

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motorcycle in driveway

How To Choose A Gift For A Motorcycle Enthusiast

As I search around the internet for gear, I’m inundated with ads and articles for cool apparel, accessories, safety gear, etc. Admittedly, some of them are very cool. However, there are certain things that as a rider I would prefer to get for myself. I’ll cover the types of gifts that are safe for you to buy your motorcycle enthusiast, and those that should be avoided.

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childs stocking on mantle

How many gifts should a child get for Christmas?

Wondering what number of gifts for children is appropriate? Concerned you’ll be spoiling your kids or not giving them enough? There are a lot of factors that should influence the number of presents you buy your child during the holidays. Limiting factors include; Gifts children will receive from other family members, your holiday budget, how many children you are buying for, and the cost of gifts.

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shoes on rack

Giving Shoes As A Gift: Fast Track To Footwear Gifting Success

Giving any kind of footwear as a gift, is probably one of the most difficult gifts to get perfect. If you’re looking to give someone shoes that the person will actually wear, there are a few things you need to consider. These things may seem obvious, but you really need to do a much deeper dive in order to have your gift be successful. While the process of selecting shoes as a gift is an arduous journey, getting someone the perfect pair of shoes that they will wear and enjoy is one of the most fulfilling gift giving experiences someone can have.

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great date night - making memories

20+ Fun Date Night Ideas For Couples – Planning A Memorable Night!

Whether it’s a weekly date night, or a once a month affair, date nights are important to a healthy relationship. Look, I’ve been dating my high school sweetheart off and on for more than a decade. Because of this, I’ve learned a thing or two about date nights, and how to be creative. Sometimes all you need to do is cozy up for a Redbox flick and enjoy the company of the person you’re with. However, if that routine is getting a bit too frequent or stale, then hopefully the tips below will help generate some great date night ideas you’ll both enjoy!

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gift giving wrapping tools

Gift Guide: The Art of Gift Giving

We’ve all been there. It’s the day before, weekend before, or month before a major celebration and you need a gift. If it’s a major holiday like Christmas, and you’ve procrastinated sufficiently, maybe you need a bunch of presents. You begin to sweat thinking about the millions of products available. Next come the questions. Is the gift appropriate? Will they like this present I bought? I wonder if someone else already got them this? We tackle this and more in this gift guide!

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