What Is The Giftasaurus?

The Best Gift Ideas In One Spot

Why does The Giftasaurus exist?

Whether it’s a birthday, Mother’s day, or Christmas office party, we all seek the affirmation that comes with having the best gift ideas. That’s why we never want to double up on a gift, and would rather have the most unique gift idea. We want to give the gift that everyone else is envious of.

I am no different, every year without fail when Christmas rolls around, I set my budget. To be honest I don’t even know why I do, I never stick to it. The reason I am never able to come in under budget is because my initial gift idea doesn’t quite measure up to what I end up buying. That, and I have roughly a million people to I need to buy unique gifts for.

When the office Christmas party rolls around, we don’t want the gift that is opened and forgotten. Secretly we want our co-workers to fight for the best white elephant gift at the table; the one we bought!

The old adage of “it’s the thought that counts” exists for a reason. Intrinsic value is directly tied to how thoughtful a gift is. Usually, thoughtful equates to one of two things. Those are, how much time did the gift take to create, or how unique is the gift.

By all means, there are some gifts we come to appreciate as we get older. Undershirts are a good example. If you told me 20 years ago that I’d be satisfied getting a couple packs of Hanes white undershirts at Christmas I would have laughed in your face. However, the gifts I remember are the ones out of left field that I never saw coming and that have an impact on my life and/or happiness.

What is The Giftasaurus?

/ɡift a sôrəs/


  1. A curation of unique gift ideas; the gift idea source.
  2. A site that lists the best gift ideas in groups of synonyms and related concept; A gift thesaurus.
  3. The King of the gift-givers at every holiday or event; the person most desired as Secret Santa.

What the Giftasaurus is not!

I’ve curated a ton of gift ideas (or soon will have) on this site. This doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for putting some thought into your gift giving experience.

If Dad is big into technology, there’s a ton of gifts in that section. It doesn’t mean you can click the first item on the page and expect kudos from him. The best gift idea is the one that fits the person you are getting the gift for.

For a broader audience, like an office white elephant gift exchange you may be able to get away with choosing the first gift on the page. The same philosophy applies as with Dad’s gift, know your co-workers. I’m sure you can find a common thread among those people you interact with regularly.

Finally, this site is meant to spark your creative juices. Sure it could be a one stop shop, but where’s the fun in that? Remember, tis better to give, than to receive.