Light Up Dog Collar – Rechargable LED Collar

A great gift for the pooch in your life. Whether you live in the city or a rural area, make sure your dog is visible to everyone. With multiple settings (including club mode as I call it) this light up dog collar is sure to catch everyone’s attention when you are out and about on your pooches evening walk.


I got this as a gift for my doggies this past year, and it’s one of the best gifts the puppies have ever received. We got a small version for the Shih-tzu, and a Medium version for our Pit Bull mix. For background, my girlfriend says the little one weighs on average 18 lbs. (I think it’s more like 20). The big one hovers around 45 lbs. so she’s on the small side for the breed.

Luna, the big one, is all black with a white belly and white socks. We live in (what my city friend’s call) the country. I will say it’s no concrete jungle. We are surrounded by woods, and there are bears in them, as verified by park authority. As you can imagine, with no street lights, she gets about 20 feet away and disappears in the darkness. She’s already a ninja when it comes to food, and has a penchant for wandering down the neighbors house when we aren’t looking. Now we know exactly where she is in the yard, and if she’s getting too far. For city living, it makes your dog visible to motorists and pedestrians.

The plump little one is less of a concern, so we don’t really use hers — she’s also 11. But if you have a smaller breed that likes to run (maybe a shiba inu, or a jack russel) this would definitely help keep an eye on them.

Light Up Dog Collar Features

This dog collar is great, and is pretty sturdy from what I can tell. The light is bright for sure. Because it’s LED it doesn’t eat through it’s battery quickly. If you only use at night on walks, you can go a good amount of days (maybe 7-10?) without having to recharge. This of course depends on how long your walks are. To charge the light up dog collar, just unhook from your pup and plug it in.

The medium version has 3 settings. A solid color (we got the blue collar so the light is also blue), a fast strobe effect (we call it “club mode”) and a slower strobe effect. The small version doesn’t have a solid color, it kind of changes through a rainbow of colors (we got the black one) and it also has both strobe modes. Oddly enough the strobes are dual color on the small. Fast strobe is white/yellow, and the slow strobe is blue/green.

The collar sits at about an inch in width because it has 2 lines for the lights. It’s thickness is about the same as a regular collar. The light up portions are raised only slightly. However, there is a small 1.5″ box that you squeeze to turn on/off and cycle through the modes.

Fitment is best on medium and up breeds. It’s fully adjustable, and if you need to, the light up portion will go through the adjustment buckle (don’t worry it will still light up). Sizes run a little large I feel, but that could just be me.

Final Thoughts

All in all, this is a great product. I highly recommend for the dog lover in your life. If you’re in the city and want to be matchy-matchy you could get the leash version of the LED light up dog collar.

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