Men’s and Women’s Ratchet Belt

There’s really only one word to describe this belt, amazing. Quality leather and construction make this Men’s ratchet belt the perfect gift for any guy (or girl). I was skeptical of the holding strength, and how to get it off at first. But this product delivers quality in abundance. Oh, and the cool factor is off the charts.


Finding quality belts has been a problem for me. Mostly because I was very frugal (a.k.a. cheap). I have literally had belts disintegrate on me. Belts that claimed “genuine leather” but split down the middle after 6 months of wearing them consistently. I know quality leather, I’ve got 2 baseball gloves and both have lasted since my high school days or earlier.

Anyways, back to the lecture at hand. I got this belt as a gift from my lovely girlfriend. After asking for the past couple years for “quality leather belts” on my Christmas list, I was astonished to not receive any. It appeared I was not the only one having trouble finding them. The struggle is real.

When I opened my gift, at first I didn’t know how to operate the thing. HA HA, very funny, obviously I know how a belt works. I am talking about the ratcheting portion. Obviously I didn’t want to put it on and then not be able to get it off. Once I applied the few working brain cells I have, it was cake. The thing fit straight out of the box, although it can be adjusted after purchase — more on that later. The belt goes with casual and business attire alike. Multi purpose gifts are the best. Now lets get to the meat and potatoes.

Features of The Ratchet Belt

So I’ve already talked briefly about the leather quality of the belt. I’ve expanded my waistband wardrobe considerably. But I still wear the ratchet belt at least once a week. I haven’t noticed any scratches or visible blemishes on the leather. On the back of the belt there are little grooves for about 6-8 inches. The grooves start about 3-5 inches from the end of the belt. These work with the buckle, it’s what locks the belt into place.

As far as buckles go, this thing is definitely unique. It is essentially a slide belt, so no little bar to place through a hoop. Which means you don’t have to suck your gut in to get to that specific hole. It also means no strange bar marks on the leather from where the buckle digs into the front of the belt. On the back of the buckle is a mechanism that, surprise, acts as the ratchet. As the belt passes through it locks onto the aforementioned grooves.

To disengage the ratchet, there’s a nifty little trigger on the bottom of buckle. Just use your finger to pull it, and the belt slides right out. There needs to be slight play in the belt to release the lock.

Fitment is where this thing shines. Whatever you think the person wears, you can always go a little larger without worries. Unlike other belts that are a fixed length, you can actually cut the leather to make it the length you want it. I would recommend some pretty stout scissors for this though. There’s a clasp with teeth that holds the end of the belt to the buckle. Undo that, trim to desired fit, re-insert and you’re good to go.

Final Thoughts

The one and only qualm I have about the ratchet belt is the finish on the buckle. I received the black on black — Johnny Cash version. I ride my motorcycle to work, or sometimes clip my keys to a belt loop with a carabiner. The keys and other metal objects have rubbed against the metal on the buckle and are showing a few marks. Beyond this one tiny flaw, the product is amazing (did I say that already?).

Also, there’s a ladies version too. The folks at Mission didn’t forget about you. Also, if you ever need more leather to use with the buckle they sell additional belt straps in case you gain or lose weight you still have the buckle.

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