Snowboarding Mask – Samurai Warrior

Help that special snowboarder or skier on your list shred the mountainside like a true samurai warrior with this snowboarding mask. We’ve all seen those hardcore snow people cruising down a double black diamond with no top on. Just googles, boots, gloves, and board. Make a statement without all the bravado.

Samurai say: “Fall down seven times, stand up eight.” Basically, if at first you don’t succeed, try again. I feel this saying can be aptly used in the sport of snowboarding. I remember the early days of breaking my tailbone while trying to navigate the treacherous hill of the bunny slope. Those days are long past and I stick to the green and blue squares nowadays. However, if I’m feeling real frisky and want to tackle a black diamond, I too throw on some gnarly head gear.

My choice is a face shield/gaitor, because I have a nasty habit of fogging up my googles. The breath-ability of those makes it easier to see where I’m going. However, that thin little piece of cloth doesn’t do much to keep the elements at bay. Having snow blow in your face going 20+ mph isn’t ideal, so opting for a tougher thicker snowboarding mask like this samurai warrior version may be better. Built with a velcro strap to fit any size head, it is also equipped to be worn with goggles — a must on the slopes.

Don’t know anyone who snowboards? Well, how about someone who enjoys a nice ride on their Harley? Obviously it can’t be worn with a full helmet, but I never see those guys with proper riding equipment anyways.

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