Best Movie Character Halloween Costume Ideas

Alright Halloween fans, I’ve compiled the best movie character halloween costumes this October. All of these are based on hit movie or TV shows in the past year (give or take). Some costumes you can buy outright, some will have to be constructed, and others are a combination of both. I’ve broken things down into categories for easier browsing. Whether you find the perfect costume idea on this list, or it just sparks your creative juices, I hope you enjoy.

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Individual Female Costumes

women's halloween costume

Lara Croft

With the re-release of the Tomb Raider franchise, another strong female lead was Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft. Or opt for the Angelina Jolie version if you prefer. Either way, Lara Croft is sure to be a recognizable character. Her outfit isn’t too terribly hard to replicate. Find an old grey tank top, and rough it up with some charcoal or dirt. Do the same with a pair of cargo pants, preferably olive drab colored. Wrap your arm with some medical tape, and apply a little dirt so it doesn’t look too clean. And Voila, instant Croft! Don’t forget to grab a bow and arrow or a couple of toy pistols.

Wonder Woman Costume

wonder woman costume

If you’re into powerful female lead characters, it doesn’t get more spot on than Wonder Woman. Her outfit is surprisingly simple to put together. Start with the base, which you can get off of Amazon here. Pay attention to the sizing.

Next you’ll need the accessories to complete the outfit. Grab an old trash can lid and some spray paint. You could use a stencil and some painters tape to get her emblem painted on your makeshift shield. You could probably fashion the hand/arm holds using duct tape, depending on how heavy the lid is.

Afterwards, grab a whip which you can paint gold, or add glow in the dark paint, to get the glowing effect when the lights are out. A cheap whip option is available on Amazon, though it comes packaged as an Indiana Jones one, feel free to adopt to your needs. Finally, grab a toy sword, and your outfit is complete. You’re now the DC Universe top lead.

Black Widow

marvel black widow costume

Not a DC Universe fan, and prefer your female leads to come from Marvel? Perfect, suit up as Black Widow from the latest Avenger movie franchise. They’ve got a whole Black Widow costume kit on Amazon, complete with batons. Spice things up by affixing some blue glow sticks to the baton for added effect. Feeling real dedicated, you could put some of them on the jumpsuit to really stand out in the dark.

Get your favorite guy friend to dress up as Hawkeye, and create the dynamic duo at your Halloween party. Or, you could have your boyfriend/husband dress up as Bruce Banner a.k.a. The Hulk. You’re just a labcoat and some green face paint away from creating a Marvel-ous couples costume. See what I did there!

Gamora Costume

“I can’t stop this feeling, deep inside of me!” Grab your 70’s soundtrack, a boombox, and get ready to transform yourself into the baddest (and only) lady on the Guardians of the Galaxy squad. This will take some time to prep, not to mention a ton of green face paint, but totally worth it if you can pull it off. Check out the build a Gamora outfit on Amazon. Don’t forget to pick up a wig to complement your sweet new digs.

Grab the crew and you could do a whole Guardians of the Galaxy group costume. Just make sure you have that one weightlifting friend you can pass off as Drax. And someone else willing to be a walking tree. And a small friend to play Rocket. On second thought, maybe just go it alone.

Individual Male Costumes

mens halloween costume - the purge

Venom Costume

Alright Gents, if you’re a good boy playing bad, then this is the costume for you. With the 2018 trailer recently released, you can get a jump on the competition out there. This is a combination costume, so while you can buy certain pieces, you’ll either have to modify them, or make your own.

Here’s how I’d start with the costume. First I’d purchase a clown mask, similar to this one off Amazon. It’s great because it’s pretty much how venom looks on screen, except the colors are reversed. I’d paint any white part of the mask black, then use a glow in the dark white paint for the eye area. Feeling real creative? You could try to mimic the half formed version of the Venom, by cutting away part of the mask to show a piece of your face.

From there, you’re a black body suit away from completing the costume. Obviously, you’ll need to put the Venom logo to make it look legit, used the same glow in the dark paint as the mask for added effect. I’d recommend black shoes.

Finally, grab something like this silly string toy off of amazon, to complete your costume. Paint it black so that it blends with the body suit, and you’ll be ready to release your inner Eddie Brock.

Game Of Thrones Night King Costume

the night king from game of thrones mask

Ready to take it to the humans south of the wall? Grab the pieces to complete your Night King costume. You can find the Night King mask on Amazon. Then all you’ll just need generic armor to make the costume work. The closes thing I could find on Amazon was this tunic, but you could drop the sleeves, or wear a compression shirt to get the intended affect. You could use some fabric glue if you wanted to go all out and get the same texture of the outfit.

Accessories include the glue on nails you can find at most party/Halloween stores. Grab a spear and color the tip blue, for his signature weapon of choice, and you’ll look like a total villain!

John Wick Costume

This costume is super simple. Do you have a black suit? How about a Black tie? Alright, you’re pretty much done. All you need are the dark locks that Keanu Reeves rocks in the movies, and you’re set.  Well, you’ll also need to grow out your beard to style it like John Wick to really look the part. Of course, if you’re hair is the right length, and you’ve already got the facial hair down, then all you need are the accessories to look the part.

For accessories, grab some childrens’ toy guns, maybe a plastic knife, and don’t forget a number two pencil in your front pocket. Anyone who’s seen the movies will instantly make the connection. Bonus points if you have bring a stocky pitbull (or beagle) to the party. Ultra bonus points if your pitbull is grey, and you refer to him as “dog” all night.

Black Panther Costume

Wakanda hero do you want to be this Halloween? Alright, lets get down to the business at hand. The Black Panther was the talk of the town this year, and you’ll likely be fighting a ton of other people to stand out as the “real” black panther. You have two options when it comes to this costume. First you can just buy your Black Panther costume off of Amazon. Your other option is to piece it together, by buying different pieces, and adding the effects yourself. What would T’Challa do?


Couples Costumes

Ant Man and The Wasp Costumes

Gentlemen bring your whit and humor if you’ll be playing Ant Man. Really, this is quite a pricey costume to make for both parties involved. However, the defining characteristics are the masks. You can get the Ant Man mask on Amazon, for a relatively low price. Ladies you’re out a little bit more. It really depends how deep you want to go on this particular couples costume.

I think it would be crazy cool to piece together a giant Hello Kitty pez dispenser as a prop for your costume. Getting styrofoam pieces from a local crafts store like Michael’s would probably be easiest, but you’ll need to put in some work to make it worthwhile. It’s your call on how dedicated you are.

Ready Player One Costumes (Parzival and Artemis)

Ideally, you’ll opt for the virtual avatars from this 2018 blockbuster. For Parzival (the guy), you can find most of the pieces at a local thrift store, or in your own closet. Simply grab a jean jacket, and cut off the sleeves. Paint a sweet gold sword on the back of your new vest, add a black undershirt, and black jeans.  Paint your forearms and face white with some blue accents like the picture. Now grab a white wig, and you’re ready to rock. Add a quarter for effect.

Ladies, you’ve got a bit more work to pull off your half. However, Amazon makes your transformation into Artemis a little easier by giving you a pre-built costume. Feel free to build your own if the price is steep. Finding a wig that looks the part is likely going to be the hardest part.

Deadpool and Domino Costumes

deadpool costume

With the second installment of Deadpool releasing in 2018, this seems like a no-brainer. But how do you pull this off as a couple’s costume. Without divulging any more, you’ll be teaming up in the not-so-romantic way. If you haven’t seen the movie, don’t worry, with Deadpool by your side, it will be blatantly obvious who you are to anyone who has seen the movie.

Fellas, you’re in luck as Amazon has politely provided you with a full Deadpool costume. Go the extra mile by getting some stick on scars, and just intro yourself with the mask on. Ladies you’ll need a giant afro, some white face paint for around the eye, and a generally tight fitting all black outfit. Add some dice for effect, maybe as a pair of earrings, to reinforce your characters attributes.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks, my top 2018 (or thereabouts) movie character Halloween costumes. Hopefully these will be a hit at your local Halloween party. Didn’t decide to use one the costumes off this list? Please share in the comments what you ended up doing. If you found this information helpful, feel free to subscribe for tips, tricks, instructionals, and hacks for other holiday events.


This site ( is owned and operated by Graphite Designs Unltd. LLC Graphite Designs Unltd. LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Graphite Designs Unltd. LLC also participates in affiliate programs with Clickbank, CJ, and other sites. Graphite Designs Unltd. LLC is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies.

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