Gifts For Coaches Of All Sports

After coaching baseball for several years at the high school level, I’ve learned a thing or two about what coaches want and need. If you are a parent looking to show your gratitude to your kids’ coach, then here’s a list of 17 gifts for coaches of all disciplines. There are sentimental gifts and useful gifts for coaches.

At the end of every season, our athletes gather for an awards ceremony. Here, outstanding athletes get presented awards for their achievements. And yes, even the coaches are given a token of appreciation from the parents and athletes. Here’s a list of ideas for that end of season banquet.

1. Inspirational Quote For Coaches

inspirational quote plaque for coaches office

Coaches are always looking for ways to inspire their athletes, whether on or off the field. So why not give them something to display on their desk (or in the press box) to remind them of what being a coach is all about. I’m partial to baseball, since that’s the sport I love, but you can find one for just about any sport that works for your needs.

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2. Coaches Journal

coaches journal gift

Look, I would love to tell you that every practice is amazing and your student athlete is stellar during every moment. However, that would be a lie. As a coach, there are some times when our players just grate on our nerves. Whether it’s not taking a drill seriously, or goofing off with their teammates when they think the coach isn’t looking. Whatever that case may be, every coach goes through their trials and tribulations on the way to making the team better. Give them an outlet to store their inner most thoughts, and maybe even some inspirational sports quotes. It’s sure to get a chuckle out of other parents, and probably the players!

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3. Coaches Bobblehead Trophy

bobble head trophy for coach

Even coaches can get a big head, after winning that big game. Whether it’s the district tournament, the state championship, or just the local rec league finals commemorate those big moments with a big head trophy for the coach. These come in both male and female versions so it’s great for coaches of all sports!

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4. Coaches Pocket Radar

pocket radar for all sports - gift idea for coaches

It doesn’t really matter what sport you’re involved in, a radar gun can come in handy as a coach. Whether it’s measuring the speed of a tennis serve, puck speed on a slap shot, or a good old fashioned fastball, put the power in the coaches hand. No matter the sport, this is one of the best gifts for coaches of all disciplines. If the price tag seems a bit high, maybe get others to split the cost.

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5. Coaches Equipment Bucket

gift for coaches equipment bucket

Most folks don’t realize the amount of sports equipment that has to be drug around from place to place. When the practice field changes venues last minute, or to help coach out on those long away games get them this sports bucket equipment organizer. It also makes a nifty makeshift seat when your athlete gives the coach a minor heart attack. This is another one of the best gifts for coaches of all sports.

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6. Coaches Whistles

personalized gift coaches whistle

Every athlete from youth league to collegiatte player has heard that shrill sound. Sometimes it’s to signal a change in the drill, other times it’s just to rally the players for a team discussion. However, if your coach doesn’t have one, do them a favor and pick them up a quality whistle and save their voice for when it’s needed — game time! Makes a great personalized gift for coaches.

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7. Coaches Equipment Repair Kits

useful coaches gifts helmet repair kit

Another less than glorious part of coaching is maintaining the equipment for your players, both at practice and games. Help save the coach a few dollars by picking up something they’ll use season after season. Great for repairing helmets for the Lacrosse coach, there’s also versions for hockey and football. These make great gifts for coaches of various sports.

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8. Swingshot Coaches Video Recorder

gift for coach video recording tool

Free up your coach to do what they do best, teach your athlete how to improve their skills. No more holding a cell phone to try and record a players swing. Just plant the Swingshot and start recording. With a long-running battery time, your coach can record multiple players, or even entire games for later analysis. A must have gift for coaches no matter the level!

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9. Coaches Stopwatch

A stopwatch is a useful gift for coaches

One of the most useful gifts for coaches of all levels is a stopwatch. Whether it’s a swim team coach or hockey coach, you need to track athletes performance. Great for tryouts and practices in general. Help your coach keep tabs on the key metrics of their players.

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10. First Aid Kit For Coaches

sports first aid kit

So my first game coaching at the high school level I had a player go to the hospital. Surprise! As much as coaches try to avoid sports injuries, unfortunately they are part of the game. Help your coach be prepared for anything the game throws at them. While high school coaches are required to have concussion and other life saving medical training this item makes a great gift for the coach who always wants to be prepared. Complete with ibuprofen for those player induced headaches.

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11. Dry Erase Sports Board

sports field dry erase board

Lets face it, most athletes are visual learners. Help the coach impart their wisdom with this gift. Great for explaining plays and strategy both at practice and during game time. Just make sure you get the right dry erase board for your coaches sport.

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12. Commemorative Game Ball Holder

baseball in commemorative case

Every coach has their defining moment. Sometimes it’s simply the game ball from their first win, other times it’s the game ball from the state championship. Give your coach a game ball signed by all the players from that season, that the coach can proudly display on their desk.

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13. Sports Hat Liner

sports hat liner to prevent sweat stains

Season after season under the sun, or the stadium lights, can take its toll on the coach and his gear. Help preserve his team spirit wear by preventing nasty sweat stains from tarnishing the team hat with these liners. Makes a great gift for coaches of baseball and softball, and athletic coordinators on the football staff!

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14. Padded Compression Shirt

padded sport compression shirt coaches gift idea

Working with young athletes is not without its hazards. As I mentioned, I coached baseball, and I took more than one line drive off the ribs. Naturally, I didn’t let my players know the pain I was in, but I’ll level with you. It hurt. Of course, any contact sport may put the poor coach in peril. But with this compression shirt you can soften any blows they may take.

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15. Assistant Coaches Shirt

Head coaches get all the credit, and rightfully so. They not only have to train athletes but guide future generations of sport coaches. But assistant coaches pay their dues as well, so this list wouldn’t be complete without something for the assistants. And trust me, they do know things.

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16. Wristcoaches Wristband

sports wristband with play window gift for coaches

Things can get heated on the diamond, the gridiron, and any other sports arena. Sometimes its nice to be able to provide reminders to the players even when the coach is on the sidelines. With the wristcoach, you can remind athletes of plays and signals without being at their side. A versatile tool in any coaches arsenal that is sure to make a great gift.

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17. Insulating Water Carrier

water bottle holder gift idea for coaches

Good coaches make sure their players are properly hydrated. However, sometimes they forget to do so themselves. Help remind the coach to drink plenty of fluids with this gift. It even has a pocket to store their keys, wallet, and phone. Because coaches have a life outside of the sport. Who knew?

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Final Thoughts

Well there you have it, a comprehensive list of useful gifts for coaches. There are a few gifts that are more sentimental, but I tried to give you an insiders view of gifts a coach would want. I can tell you that I could sure use several of these before the next baseball season!

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