Adjustable Smart Table With Built In Rechargeable Power

The year is 2018, and who doesn’t have a laptop/tablet by this point? Even Grammy is rockin’ the newest iPad. Get this awesome tech gift for that special someone who is always plugged-in. Multiple USB ports on the adjustable smart table with built in rechargeable power allow you to charge your phone while watching Netflix on your tablet. Also comes with a USB light, for when you’re working late nights on updating your website!

A recommendation from my mother, I’m wondering if she’s trying to drop me a hint. Thoughts?

Anyways, I can definitely see the appeal. I may even end up getting this for my girlfriend who travels ALL THE TIME. Kidding, she doesn’t travel as much as she used to. Nevertheless, I can see her throwing this into her luggage for when the hotels and country clubs put her up for the week. She also can’t say her phone died, there’s literally a charger built into the damn thing. I digress.

If this table is in the forecast, and I’m not saying it is (disclaimer: she reads this site), I would probably consider some accessories. For instance, a bluetooth enabled projection keyboard for starters. She does enjoy her coffee, so maybe I could find an add-on cup holder…or better yet suggest to the designer that it make coffee using the battery.

Anyways, this goes under the potential gift category. If you end up getting the adjustable smart table with built in rechargeable power, let me know your thoughts.

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