Mud Pie Canvas Tote With Name Initials

A gift that screams, “This is mine.” I mean the tote itself has the owners initial on the bag. If it’s used universally by the family, use the family name initials instead. Works particularly well if your last name begins with an unusual letter, like mine. Ideal for the lady who always carries more than she needs.

I chose the canvas tote with the “K” on it as a dedication to my girlfriend’s sister. You see, my girlfriend is one of seven kids. That’s right SEVEN. You can imagine how frequently one’s peron’s belongings ended up in a siblings possession. It actually happened with a charger not 3 weeks ago when her sister came to visit. I digress.

Anyways, if you know someone who’s from a big family then this is a personalized gift that serves a very real purpose. It’s very scalable. Because sometimes you need to buy for several people. Perhaps you can put all your bridal party favors in a personalized bag.

This tote is affordable, roomy, and easy to clean. Carry it in your hand, or on your shoulder. I’m not sure of the weight limits. However, it is 17″x19″x2″, so it must be able to handle quite a bit of baggage.

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