BBQ Branding Iron

I’m not sure everyone will appreciate this, but I’ve been on grill duty for extended periods of time. In fact, pretty much all day. While everyone else is playing yard games on Memorial Day Weekend, or July 4th, I am stuck sweating it out in front of the grill. No big deal, but it would be nice to claim that perfect steak as my own somehow. If only someone made some kind of steak labeler. Wait a minute, that’s what makes the BBQ Branding Iron great! Tag that burger, steak, whatever as the King of the grill.

There are so many uses for this, the possibilities are endless. Here’s a few that pop up:

  1. Assign the least appetizing peice of meat (the one you dropped in the charcoal) to one of the following – your ex, your daughters new boyfriend, that guy who always crashes your party, etc.!
  2. Celebrating a special occassion? Just an added bonus if all of the steaks say “Happy Anniversary.”
  3. Fortune cookie one liner on a steak, HA! Chinese New Year, here I come.

Alright, so maybe that last one is a stretch, there’s only so much real estate on that piece of beef! The BBQ branding iron is probably relegated to the realm of “novelty” items gift list. However, if the price is right, why not? Even one use for the shock value is probably worth it. For something more practical, you can try these heat resistant gloves since I know that my grill can get hotter than Satan’s Sauna.

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