Movie Bucket List

I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t love movies. However, we don’t always agree on best movies, or even best genres. The movie bucket list provides you with 100 iconic movies and lets you scratch off to mark your progress. Great if there’s someone you want to cuddle up with on the weekend and catch a good flick.

This is one I haven’t given or received as a gift, probably because I’ve seen most of the movies on the list. Quite a few I’ve seen multiple times. However, if you know someone who isn’t a movie fiend, then this would be the perfect gift. I’ll admit that not all of them are stellar, mostly because they aren’t in my preferred genres. I have gained a healthy appreciation for the movies on the list I wouldn’t typically watch.

If you are considering this as a gift, it does soften the blow of the dreaded gift card. Just make sure it’s to something like a subscription to Amazon Prime or Netflix. Ideally whatever subscription you get, make sure at least one of the titles are available.

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