Bluetooth Hat with Integrated Speakers

Know someone who regularly shreds the slopes come the winter months? How about that devoted runner, who is out doing laps in the sub-zero temperatures? Then the Bluetooth Audio Beanie with integrated speakers is what they’re looking for. No more worrying about earbuds falling out, or big bulky noise canceling headphones falling to the ground (or the slopes — ouch!). The integrated setup lets you move freely whatever you’re doing outside on those chilly fall and winter days!

Christmas this past year I got one of these, and so did the rest of the guys on the list. Setup was easy, and we all managed to get it setup in the living room in minutes. I’ve used this while snowboarding in WV, running 5K’s around winter holidays, and just generally walking around town.

You will have to plug the hat into an outlet to charge. Controlling the unit is easy, press and hold the play button for 5 seconds to turn on. Simply press and hold the + or – buttons to control volume, or tap them to skip tracks. I think it’s setup for a right-handed person, but rotating to so the unit is positioned on the left would work. It just swaps the position of the + and – buttons.

Regarding the care of the Bluetooth Audio Beanie with integrated speakers, it is recommended that you only hand wash the beanie. Removal of the electronic unit itself is simple. The hat is actually pretty warm because of the internal fleece lining. Since hand washing is required, I wouldn’t recommend drying in your dryer.

If you’re looking for your standard headphones, check out the Philips version for a quality product.

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