EMFreedom Hairdryer

What woman doesn’t want salon quality hair every day? I can tell you my lady friend would love to have it every day. If your lady doesn’t have a blow dryer, then make her day with the EMFreedom Hairdryer…her hair day! Bad pun, my fault.

All right, so this alone may not give her salon quality hair. The salon does, the $40 shampoo, the $100 seal oil extract conditioner, and whatever other magic potions they use. However, the claim is that The EMFreedom uses a pioneering natural ion spring technology to organically hydrate, moisturize and balance your hair, ensuring a silky, gorgeous look each and every time.

I keep my own hair very short for the most part, but apparently EMF (electro magnetic field) is a no-no for hair, and can lead to hair loss. Which is why your female companion will greatly appreciate a quality blow dryer. The EMFreedom Hairdryer claims to outperform the salons, so it’s gotta be good!

Look folks, I don’t know it all, so from time to time I enlist help. As fate would have it, my lady friend suggested this one to me. Apparently, she’s been wanting one for a couple years and has asked repeatedly for a hair dryer on her Christmas list.

I of course avoid her list at all costs and leave the list items to her family and friends. Being the giftosaurus that I am, I prefer the shock value of providing her what she didn’t even know she wanted. However, knowing that this present request has been neglected, she’ll probably get the he EMFreedom Hairdryer this year from me. (That’s a lie, I just wanted to see if she read this far).

Give your lady the gift of beautiful hair this year.

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