Keeper Magnetic Gun Mount

Mount your firearm anywhere you can screw the magnetic gun mount plate into. Allows for quick access to your firearm. Surprisingly powerful, and the covering protects your firearm from scratches. Ideal for the person who is always prepared and ready for anything.

Let’s say hypothetically speaking, I owned a sidearm. If I did, it would probably be some make of the 1911 model. I’ve heard it’s one of the heavier pistols, not like the polymer frame models. I can imagine a dozen places where I could use the magnetic gun mount, for both concealment and ease of accessibility.

I received this as a gift this past Christmas from a buddy. He was almost as excited to give the gift, as I was to receive it. Without a doubt, this is a must have for any firearms owner. Installation was done in minutes. The latex/plastic covering protects your firearm from becoming scratched. For a mere four inches, this thing exerts a Chuck Norris type grip. Did I mention it is held using only four screws? In all honesty, I would worry more about the screws or mounting surface giving out before the magnet.

Multiples only make the mount better, since you could simply use them to hold extra mags. Feeling really frisky? I suppose you could buy multiples and mount a long rifle, or shotgun with ease. I also recommend getting the Brave Response Holster as companion gift for those times your favorite gun owner is out and about with their sidearm.

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