FosPower Multi Port HDMI Hub with ARC

Need all your game systems, and your cable box, and your surround sound hooked up to your T.V.? Then the FosPower Multi Port HDMI Hub with ARC capabilities should be your go to. Because games without sound, or picture for that matter are pretty much useless. Get them all connected now.

While this wasn’t a gift, I did decide to include this. While the need is very niche, you’ll make someone very happy if you get them this and they need it. A few years ago, I got a Samsung dumb T.V. I wanted a dumb television, because the thought of AI was a bit scary to me at the time. Who knew Transformers was a horror flick? I also didn’t want my eyes to bleed from overuse of new 3D technology. So I opted for the dumbest, yet largest, TV I could afford. It was a Samsung model similar to this.

Anyways, this past Christmas I received a Samsung surround sound system. I was stoked to install this, but had to finish the living room area of my basement remodel first. Well, as fate would have it, this particular surround sound system needed HDMI ARC. WTF is that, you ask? My thought exactly, so after a bit of the Googles I found out ARC means Audio Return Channel. Surprise, surprise, my TV didn’t have that HDMI port. So after calling the Samsung manufacturer, we got it working…but only with the cable box!

My girlfriend has virtually every game system known to man. Of course she wants them all connected. So not only does my surround sound not work with the game consoles, it only works with cable. That means no movies, which is the primary reason I wanted surround sound in the first place. So what did she do? She found the Multi Port HDMI Hub with ARC. After purchasing, we hooked it up via the non-ARC HDMI port, and all is well in the universe.

It’s not without it’s quirks – another remote is one of them. However, it is nice not having to search for the damn “input” button on a remote with roughly a million buttons. But best of all it solved my HDMI ARC, or lack thereof, problem.

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