Glow In The Dark Stones

Looking for something to spice up your walkway, or the garden out front? Check out these glow in the dark stones to give your yard a little something extra. Use them in an aquarium to give the fishies a little extra light for feeding time in the evening. A great accent to any indoor or outdoor project. You may need quite a few depending on your project!


So I mentioned in a previous product that I went over to a buddys’ place this past weekend to check out the new house he and his lady friend moved into. They are in a gated community, so they’re property backs up to a lake. It’s friggin’ sweet. They’ve got a lot of projects planned for the house, and a rather ambitious timeline. Something I know all too well from my own reno projects on my house.

Anyways, after the tour of the house, I went outside so he could have a cigarette, and so I could check out the back yard. Part of the tour was a stream he’s planning to build using the rainwater runoff. He’s already got it piped from the downspout out to where the stream will begin. After explaining his vision, he mentioned he’d be adding some glow in the dark stones.

I of course thought this was an amazing idea, and figured I’d share with you all!

Features of Glow in the Dark Stones

Being that this is an outdoor project, it would make sense to ensure that the stones are weather proof. Which they are. Also, they are not detrimental to the environment, so the green team need not fret. Size-wise, the stones are about the size of a nickel, give or take, and are made of resin.

The 400 count bag could be held in one hand, and measured about 4 inches wide by 8 inches long. This is obviously a rough estimate, as I didn’t bust out a tape measure. So if you’re looking to use these over a large area, purchase accordingly. They didn’t weigh too much, so my only concern with his project is whether a heavy rain will cause him to lose some of these stones to runoff. Again, he backs up to a lake, so I think it would be cool to have the edge of the lake shimmer a little as well. Who knows, maybe it will attract the attention of a few more large mouth bass!

He gets a fair amount of light into the living area, where the glow in the dark stones are currently awaiting their final home. In the night, he mentioned you can see their glow, but he’s also got 400 of them in a 4 x 8 inch area. I’d be interested to know what they look like spread out. I imagine you’re not going to get a kryptonian glow from these non-radioactive stones, but I could be wrong. His version is the blue variety, though other colors are available.

Final Thoughts

If you have an upcoming outdoor project or know someone who is building a fairy garden, these would definitely be a nice addition. As I’ve mentioned already just make sure the quantity matches the size of the project.

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