Greek Mythology Hand Crafted Chess Set

God’s of Olympus unite and destroy our enemy! Entertain your guests with this hand crafted chess set done in a Greek mythology motif. You’ll command Zeus and Aphrodite and a host of other gods to control the board and take down your opponent. Maybe you don’t even play chess, in which case it’s still a sick centerpiece!

I’m still in the middle of construction of my man cave. However, once I complete my setup, I imagine this will be on my gaming table. Coming in just under two feet by two feet it is the ideal size to put on a larger coffee table and still have usable table space.

The chess board and pieces aren’t light, weighing in at approximately 5 lbs. I wouldn’t put this on a rickety end table. The pieces are initially hand sculpted and then cast in bonded natural stone.

It would help if you have achieved god-like status as a chess player, but it’s not a requirement. If the person you are buying for is an avid gamer, or just appreciates fine craftsmanship, then they should enjoy this. At the very least this chess set is a conversation piece that brings an air of elegance to the room.

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