Smartphone Gloves

You know that annoying feeling of having to un-bundle your hands to use your phone for texting or using Google maps? Well make that a thing of the past for the lady on your gift list. The Isotoner flex fit smartphone gloves allow her to use her smartphone’s touch screen while blocking out winters chill.


My Ladyfriend got these as a gift last year. I am pretty sure it was from my mom — amazing gift giving runs in the fam. Anyways, my girlfriend has expressed these were a fantastic gift.

She drives a Jeep and thus, the insulation on her vehicle isn’t super great. She’s remarked how it’s great to be able to go out, start her car, and plug in her clients location without having to take off her gloves. Since she often runs late, time is of the essence. Hopefully she didn’t read that last comment.

Smartphone Gloves Features

She’s had the gloves for months, and doesn’t have complaints about durability. As far as warmth goes, it can get downright frigid in the early part of the year ’round here. Unless you live in the arctic circle, she’ll probably be happy.

I’m not sure if my mother was lucky, or just good, but she got a size that fit her. Some people have claimed sizing runs small, so just be aware. However, they do stretch, so sizing shouldn’t be a huge issue.

If the lady on your list is constantly using her phone in the winter months, this would be a unique gift she’s sure to use and appreciate.

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