Harry Potter Wand Remote

Potter-heads rejoice, now you too can magically control your TV, DVD, or other remote controlled device. Feel free to chant your favorite spells as you wow your friends with the Harry Potter wand remote. I do recommend using your wand responsibly, and avoiding the use of the three forbidden curses. Unless of course you want a visit from the Ministry of Magic.

I got this for my girlfriend a while ago, and she loves it. While the setup of the wand wasn’t difficult, it wasn’t easy either. Allow a bit of time to program the Harry Potter wand remote, as it can accept up to 9 different commands. She paired ours with our DVD player. You will need the original remote from the chosen device in order for pairing to begin. Basically you end up performing an action with the wand and then press the function key on the remote to copy it to the wand. The number of times the tip flashes when pairing will let you know what action you are assigning to a set function.

As you’d expect, the construction of the wand is not wood. The weight is contained in the handle, where the batteries reside. It’s sturdy enough in the right hands. Smaller children might be too much for the wand to handle as they don’t know their own strength.

I do find that the wand is a bit wonky with some commands, particularly the thrust forward and pull back actions. She assigned the rolling left and right actions to control volume, while the “flick” left and right controlled fast forward and rewind functions. Of course you can pick whichever ones you want.

If you want to feel like a wizard, the Harry Potter wand remote is definitely the gift you need. A far better investment than the overpriced wood wands that do little more than look cool on their stands.

Pair this with the Harry Potter Laundry Room Sign to create a theme for the holiday you’re celebrating.

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