Pod Animal Tracker

The secret life of pets is a secret no more! Made for your 4-legged companions, it’s kind of like a fit-bit for animals. The Pod animal tracker also has other cool non-human applicable features. We know our animals yearn to be outside, so with Pod you can set a perimeter for your pet, and Pod will let you know if they leave.

I have two dogs, and maybe a kitten on the way. Fortunately for me, I don’t need this, because I couldn’t afford it for all my animals. We’ll start with my girlfriends dog, Roxie. She’s a Shih-tzu. Then there’s Luna, our rescued Pitbull. Finally, there’s Samsky, a kitten I found on the side of the road who’s currently getting medical care with a foster parent.

Now, I live on a couple acres. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal for a couple dogs. However, I also back up to a National park, with hundreds of acres. Now, Roxie isn’t very fast. Scratch that, I could probably catch her even if I had sprained ankle and only one shoe on. She spends most hours of the day sleeping. She would need the exercise monitor, for sure. Luna on the other hand, I’d be hard pressed to catch using my truck and a tranquilizer gun, if she decided to run. Fortunately for me, she’s a very obedient dog and listens well. Otherwise the perimeter warning system on the Pod animal tracker would be ideal. Samsky is TBD, but for now he/she is still a kitten, but great at hiding in small spaces.

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