Sphero Spiderman Interactive Figure

Alright, before the adults start in on me, give this little guy a chance. It’s like FunCo Pop meets beta version Alexa with the Sphero Spiderman. You can have a conversation with your friendly neighborhood spiderhero, or have him tell you a Dad joke. Whether at home, in your child’s room, or the office, this little guy will be a hit.

While the Sphero Spiderman doesn’t have the same type of interactivity of the more successful BB8 Sphero Droid, he’s still a blast to have around.

I found this guy in the most likely of places, in the most unlikely way. A friend of mine shared a video of Alexa singing a song (apparently that’s a thing). I didn’t recognize the song. However, I did recognize the blue and red figure in the background with the light up eyes. Thinking that she had somehow linked Alexa to the Sphero Spiderman, I inquired. Turns out that wasn’t the case. However, after a little back and forth I did get the skinny on our web-slinging friend. Feel free to check out this video as well:

She informed me that her son is “obsessed” with Spidey. It turns out you can have a conversation with this arachnid. He also tells jokes, and can be used to set an alarm. Probably way cooler than the clocks I grew up hearing in the AM. Great to get your kid off the iPad and interacting with something other than a touch screen. Ideal candidate for a desktop ornament, and he’d probably make your entrance into work a little less painful. Anyways, in short it’s great!

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