Wansview Wireless Security Camera – Wifi Enabled

Have you ever come home to toilet paper confetti spread all over the living room, and none of the pets want to fess up to the crime? Maybe your elderly mother lives with you and you want to be her guardian angel. Keep an eye on your loved ones from afar via your wireless device with the Wansview Wireless Security Camera.


I was talking to a co-worker about their cat, as I recently adopted a kitten. I wondered if there were any cool toys, tech, or accessories that I should have. He recommended the Wansview Wireless Security Camera, to keep an eye on said kitten. We also got to discussing another cool toy, but more on that when I get an update. 🙂

Because I work in the web development issue, my immediate concern was about security. He explained that as long as your home network (I assume that’s where you’ll have this) is secure, and there’s no access to the physical device, no one should be able to tap into the feed. He mentioned that you need to be on the same network and have access to the camera to setup the app. I think he mentioned something about a unique ID that’s on the wireless camera.

Wireless Security Camera Features

After that we got to talking about the features of the camera. It can be controlled remotely, and has an almost 360 degree view (I think it’s less because of the little antenna). And it also has vertical movement. So unless the Ocean’s Eleven team is intent on breaking into your house, this should get you usable images. He mentioned that he thinks you can purchase an SD card for local storage.

He showed me a brief stream so I knew it worked. Being unsure about the “night vision” advertised, he guessed it’s more like a low light enhancement rather than true night vision. Without actually testing it, it was daytime and he’s not really away during the nighttime, this was his best guess.

Final Thoughts

So whether you’re monitoring your pets activity and need to remotely yell “no, bad [insert animal type]!” Or you have concerns for an elderly loved one or small child. This gets a solid rating, and has more than enough features.

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