Weathered Wood Shadow Box Frame

You spend the whole year making memories, and sure most of them fit on your phone’s SD card. However, for the memories that are a bit more tangible, the only way to display them for all to see is a shadow box frame. Rustic or modern, choose the style she’ll like best.

Fella-saurus’s want to earn beaucoup brownie points, the currency of every relationship? Get this for her! Obviously, don’t just get the shadow box frame you dunce.

Maybe you went on a trip somewhere and have some cool trinkets you picked up. Or perhaps you went to a sporting event together and have the leftover ticket stubs, plane tickets, etc. to mark the event. If you’re smart and you saved them, you now have an elegant way to display them. Also, if you didn’t save them, plan an impromptu trip together, more memories and the chance to pick up said trinkets.

My lady friend has a younger brother who just got married, yay! Pressure’s off me now. Well, at the wedding they had these keys with a label for the seating. Pretty cool idea by itself, but they also had an outdoor wedding so one of the party favors were hand-held fans. So my lady friend in all her wisdom saved these and is using the shadow box frame for their display. Don’t think this only applies in the relationship realm though.

You could also get this for that other special lady in your life, Mom. I mean you literally have a lifetime of memories you can pull from. The only problem will be fitting it all in one shadow box frame.

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