Best Technology Gifts for Gadget Lovers

Whether it’s decking out your home theater room or spicing up the office decor, I’ve got the hottest gifts for gadget lovers. Gidgets, gadgets, and gizmos abound in this top gift list. My girlfriend’s brother has all the cool tech gizmos any kid (or adult) could want. For reference, he’s got an entire room dedicated to his VR system. I’ve compiled this list of gifts for gadget lovers that are sure to be a hit no matter their ages.

  1. HTC Vive
  2. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+
  3. Aldeepo Floating Globe
  4. LED Word Clock
  5. GoPro Hero 5
  6. TCL Roku TV
  7. TileMate Key and Phone Finder
  8. Neato Robotic Vacuum
  9. LucidSound Gaming Headset
  10. Rampow Charging Cables (Android and Apple)
  11. Infinity Cube Fidget Toy
  12. Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale
  13. Nebula Capsule Mini Portable Projector
  14. Solar Charger by RAVPower
  15. Yunmai Smart Scale
  16. Anker Wireless Charging Pad
  17. Philips Wake Up Light Alarm Clock (with Sunrise Simulation)
  18. 4Thought Puzzle Pod
  19. Cosori Stainless Steel Coffee Mug Warmer
  20. Sphero Ollie
  21. Presto Pizzazz Rotating Oven
  22. Upright GO Posture Trainer

1. HTC Vive

htc vive tech gadget

If you’re looking for the next thing in gaming systems, then look no further than VR. Virtual Reality will be taking over the gaming industry. Unfortunately, the VR systems that are currently on the market are a bit pricey. However, I expect prices will come down in the next couple of years.

Fortunately for you, I’ve already play tested the HTC Vive and the thing is incredible. The immersive environment really does make you feel that you are in an alternate reality. Above is an animation from playtesting Beat Saber, which is incredibly fun. With a few mods, you can download all sorts of popular songs.

While the HTC Vive is a bit pricey, this is a gift your gadget lover is sure to enjoy.

View HTC Vive on Amazon

2. Raspberry Pi 3

raspberry pi gadget lover starter kit

If your gadget lover is a build it, rather than buy it kind of person, then this is definitely the gift to give. Coming in at a much lower price point than the HTC Vive, this gift does require a bit of knowledge to get setup. However, this little tech gadget has all of the versatility your tech nerd could ask for.

Want to setup a gaming console with all of the classic arcade games? Well, you can configure your Raspberry Pi to be just that. In fact, my girlfriend’s brother did that for his little sister. Lifehacker has a nice tutorial on getting this setup.

However, don’t think that the Raspberry Pi is a one trick pony. My friend even configured one to control the watering of one of his house plants since he’s often away on business. The possibilities are limitless.

Check out the Raspberry Pi projects site to get started. A great gift for the programming veteran gadget lover or the aspiring youth.

View Raspberry Pi on Amazon

3. Aldeepo Floating Globe

floating globe day/night modes

The Aldeepo Floating Globe is a nice addition to the study or office decor of your tech gadget lover. Levitating globe has two different modes, one for daytime and another for nighttime. The daytime mode shows the earth’s layout, while the nighttime mode converts over to a view of the constellations.

View Aldeepo Floating Globe on Amazon

4. LED Word Clock

LED word clock gadget

So this little gem comes to you straight from the desk of my co-worker. A nice take on the classic office desk clock, the LED Word Clock literally spells out the time. Even the most dense colleagues can follow along with the illuminated words.

However, the clock uses common time telling terms (e.g. quarter after, ten past, etc.) to convey the current hour and minute. It’s almost like an instructional tool on reading the time. If your gadget lover has a sarcastic streak or just enjoys unique takes on classic decor, then this is the gift for them.

View LED Word Clock on Amazon

5. GoPro Hero 7

go pro hero 7 technology gadget

What tech gadget gift list would be complete without the newest version of the GoPro action camera? Whether your tech gadget lover likes to go hiking, skiing, or snorkeling, give them a gift to document their travels and experiences. Waterproof housing, 4K HD video capture, live streaming stabilization, and voice controls make this the most advanced GoPro yet. There’s also a ton of accessories to extend your GoPro’s functionality.

View GoPro Hero 7 on Amazon

6. TCL Roku Television

tcl roku app enabled

I’ve been wanting a television for my room, so I can stop destroying my neck by hunching over my tablet to watch Netflix. After a bit of research, I decided on the TCL Roku Television.

Because I don’t have a dedicated cable line in my bedroom, I knew wifi capability was important. I also didn’t want to have to buy a bunch of other accessories to be able to stream my favorite channels. I got the 32″ version and this thing has delivered exactly what I wanted.

I’ve got all the popular apps downloaded on my TCL Roku Television. Some require memberships to the service, and others are completely free.

View TCL Roku Television on Amazon

7. TileMate Key and Phone Finder

tilemate key and phone finder combo pack

If your significant other is like mine, then their keys somehow find their way into the most impossible places. I’m not exactly sure how one loses their keys in the refrigerator. But instead of scouring under every couch cushion and blanket, just get them the TileMate Key and Phone Finder instead.

Simply pair your phone to the tile, and the next time your keys pull a Houdini, use the phone to ping your keys. However, the TileMate works in reverse and can help you locate a lost phone as well. Even if your phone is on silent! For the forgetful teen or the busy corporate ladder climber this will make a great gift this holiday season.

View TileMate on Amazon

8. NEATO Robotic Vacuum

neato robot vacuum tech gadget

My neighbors put me on to Neato. Apparently there is an entire following for this little tech gadget. People even go so far as to name their Neato vacuum. My neighbors declined this, so I named it for them.

Despite their disdain for naming their robot maid, they couldn’t be happier with Neato’s performance. He’s programmable, can learn his environment, and even senses when his battery is running low. Whenever this little guy is running out of juice he’ll return to his charging station for a recharge. Simply dump out the receptacle and let him keep going.

If you’re looking for the best robot vacuum to keep your house tidy, then look no further than Neato!

View NEATO on Amazon

9. Lucid Sound Gaming Headset

gaming nerds ultimate headset

Whether you’re looking for superior gaming sound or want the best audio quality for a Skype call with your deployed loved one, Lucid Sound is the way to go. The bluetooth headset has worked overtime with my neighbor who teaches kids online.

Not only has her headset stood the test of time, the company support has been great.

View Lucid Sound Headset on Amazon

10. Rampow Charging Cables

rampow charging cable to all your gadgets

If you have cables that tend to end up looking like mine over time (currently held together with electrical tape), then switch over to the Rampow charging cables for a durable solution. There’s nothing worse than tech gadgets that wear out over time.

Keep their other technology gizmos powered up with the Rampow charging cables. Durable materials mean no more fraying at the power outlet or at the device plugin. Furthermore, whether you’ve got an Android or Apple device they’ve got a cable for you. This tech gadget makes a great stocking stuffer.

View Rampow Cables on Amazon

11. Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

infinity cube finger dexterity fidget toy

The next generation in fidget toys is the Infinity Cube. Forget about the fidget spinners of old. Made from durable light weight material, this gadget will help you pass the time and improve finger dexterity. Great for the gamer who needs to pass time during office meetings or during the school day. Infinity cube makes a great stocking stuffer that doesn’t break the bank.

View Infinity Cube on Amazon

12. Etekcity Hanging Luggage Scale

weigh your luggage with etekcity luggage scale

If your spouse or loved one is constantly on travel, this little tech gadget is the gem they’ve been looking for. Avoid paying additional fees at the baggage check desk by knowing exactly how much your luggage weighs before you reach the counter. With a weight limit of 110 lbs and a digital readout of your luggage weight, this is a sure winner for the jet setting gadget lover. A compact tool that can fit in your carry on baggage and makes a superb stocking stuffer.

View Luggage Scale on Amazon

13. Nebula Capsule Portable Projector

portable project by nebula

Looking for a great gift for the media lover in your family? If you’ve got someone who craves the cinematic experience no matter the location, check out the Nebula Capsule Projector. It’s an entire theater experience rolled up into one compact portable package.

The Nebula portable projector can display media up to 100 inches. Stream YouTube at your parties, with high quality sound pumped out in 360 degrees to ensure all can hear. All this performance in a tech gadget the size of a soda can!

View Nebula Capsule on Amazon

14. Solar Charger by Ravpower

solar panel portable charging station

For the outdoor gadget lover, check out the Ravpower Solar Charger. Keep all their devices juiced no matter the terrain. This 24W powerhouse is waterproof and provides charging capability via 3 USB ports. Great for the technology lover who also enjoys experiencing nature.

View Solar Charger on Amazon

15. Yunmai Smart Scale

yunmai smart scale for fitness success

Because New Year’s is around the corner, that means New Year’s Resolutions aren’t far behind. If you’ve got a health conscious gadget lover on your gift list, consider getting them the Yunmai Smart Scale.

Whether they want to track their BMI, body fat, or their overall weight, this scale gives them all the measurements. With 10 different measurement outputs, a quick setup, as well as app compatibility, they can track their fitness goals.

View Yunmai Smart Scale on Amazon

16. Anker Wireless Charging Pad

anker wireless phone charging pad

Anker is probably better known for their quality flashlights, but their wireless charging pad is another quality product they provide. In a world where every gadget seems to come in a bluetooth model, why are we still tied to cables for charging.

This ultra slim quick charging wireless pad charges up to 2 times faster than standard cables. It also has an LED display and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. A functional gift for your tech gadget lover.

View Wireless Charging Pad on Amazon

17. Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

simulated sunrise alarm clock

This alarm clock made my girlfriend’s little sister’s Christmas list, and it’s no surprise why. Nobody likes being woken up by bright cool fluorescent lighting. Instead, this alarm clock offers a simulated sunrise mode with increasing brightness of warm lights. Furthermore there’s a sunset mode to allow for natural progression into slumber.

As far as audio controls, there are 6 natural sounds, including waves or chirping birds. It’s like waking up in a forest glen, instead of an interrogation room. With 3 charging methods, you won’t run out of charge.

View Wake Up Light Alarm Clock on Amazon

18. 4Thought Puzzle Pod

puzzle box piggy bank

This nifty little gizmo is a great way to spice up a gift card or cash gift. With the 4Thought Puzzle pod, you set your unique 5 letter combination. Give clues to your gift recipient for them to figure out how to get to their prize. Afterwards, you can use the puzzle pod as a piggy bank.

View 4Thought Puzzle Pod on Amazon

19. Stainless Steel Coffee Mug Warmer

stainless steel coffee mug warmerWhether your tech lover enjoys a K-Cup, Venti Starbucks latte, or a home brewed cup of joe, get them this little tech gem. Keep them caffeinated with hot coffee no matter how old the brew is. Simply ensure they transfer to the matching stainless steel cup (don’t use one of those cheap paper or plastic throw away cups) and they’ll be able to heat their cafe to perfection.

Great as an office desk accessory or as end table decor. Don’t have a coffee drinker? That’s fine. This heating plate is great for cocoa, tea, or any other hot beverage. Set the temperature and let the Cosori stainless steel coffee mug warmer do the rest.

View Coffee Mug Warmer on Amazon

20. Sphero Ollie

sphero ollie app controlled robot toyLooking for something for their inner child? Take a gander at the Sphero Ollie for high tech toy that provides hours of fun for your gadget fiend. This app controlled robot does flips, tricks, and handles simple jumps with ease. Get their inner geek doing donuts with this tiny robot that packs tons of fun.

Simply charge up the unit and enjoy over an hour of play. Bluetooth capability allows you to control the device from your iOS or Android device. This gadget also comes with two sets of tires for off road enjoyment.

View Sphero Ollie on Amazon

21. Presto Pizzazz Rotating Oven

presto pizzazz rotating oven

Who doesn’t love pizza? If your gadget lover enjoys pizza but doesn’t want to have to fire up the oven and wait an hour for their pizza, get them the Pizzazz rotating oven. Enjoy that crispy finish that you could only get from an oven without the wait time. This product is great for all sorts of microwaveable dishes, including wings and potato skins. If your gadget lover enjoys tech gifts for the kitchen, then this is a must have.

View Presto Pizzazz on Amazon

22. Upright Go Posture Trainer

app control for good posture

A tech gizmo with a health perk, yes please. The Upright Go Posture Trainer gives you a gentle buzz to remind you to straighten up in your office desk chair. Setup your own personal goals to improve posture using the app and track your progress. If you want to see how well this product is working on creating better habits, simply shut off the vibration mode; your app will still continue to monitor when you slouch. A great gift for the health conscious techie, and just in time for New Year’s!

View Posture Trainer on Amazon

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this list has given you some good ideas for keeping your tech nerd happy over the holidays and beyond. If you’ve found this list helpful, check out some of our other top gift lists here. Or if you’re interested in upcoming coupons, join the giftasaurus pack for newsletters with discount codes on premier products.

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