Stocking Stuffers For Teens And College Students

Finding the perfect stocking stuffers for teens or college students can be a daunting task. Most of us struggle to provide a gift that will actually be used, but that will also fit into that stocking on the mantle. Furthermore, the younger generation has their own needs that often go overlooked by their elders. Fortunately, I’ve compiled the 22 best stocking stuffers for your teen or college student.

  1. USB Portable Power Bank
  2. Thermal Neck Warmer
  3. Money Soap
  4. iDub Mobile Gaming Joystick
  5. Mini Desktop Vacuum
  6. Don’t Text and Driver Steering Wheel Cover
  7. Pop Socket
  8. Bluetooth Shower Speaker
  9. Touchscreen Gloves
  10. Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds
  11. Big Foot Air Freshener
  12. Good Cook Cup O Noodles Maker
  13. Barbasol Can Safe
  14. 6 Port USB Charger
  15. 1 Pound Candy Bar
  16. Nintendo Switch Controller Covers
  17. Electric Shock Pen
  18. Change Organizer
  19. Toilet Light
  20. Tube of Ping Pong Balls
  21. Guys Canvas Laundry Bag
  22. Phone Wallet

1. USB Portable Power Bank

portable power bank stocking stufferNowadays, everything that matters to your teen runs on battery power. Whether it’s their cell phone, tablet, or game console, chances are it’s battery operated. However, despite the advances in technology, it seems we can’t make a battery that lasts for a week straight without recharging.

Never fear, with the USB portable power bank, surviving without their coveted tech is a thing of the past.

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2. Thermal Neck Warmer

thermal neck warmer for college students

With the winter chill creeping in, it’s important to keep your teen toasty during the next snowstorm. We’re sure Saint Nicholas would feel the same when he sneaks down the chimney at night. This gift can easily be folded and stuffed into your kids stocking.

View Thermal Neck Warmer on Amazon

3. Money Soap

money inside soap gift idea

This is a personal favorite, and I’m sure your teen or college student is going to love it. Sure you’re concerned about their hygeine, and what better way to keep them germ free than with a little incentive. Furthermore, each bill can range from $1 to $50 so it’s like getting an instant rebate. It’s a nice take on the whole scratch off lottery ticket gift.

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4. iDub Mobile Gaming Joystick

idub mobile gaming joystick stocking stuffer

Apps and games on phones are here to stay. Smartphone technology keeps progressing and its rare to find matching hardware. However, your teen will thank you for stuffing their stocking with the iDub Mobile Gaming Joystick, particularly if they’re a Fortnite fan which seems to be the game of choice for teens these days.

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5. Mini Desktop Vacuum

desktop vacuums for student desks

College students rejoice! There won’t be any more crumbs clogging up your computer mouse with these mini desktop vacuums. If your college student is anything like me, they lives at their computer desk. Make their dorm room cleanup a little easier with these mini desktop vacuums, which are only slightly larger than a computer mouse.

I’ve included the ladybug version for the ladies (shout out to the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority). Or you can opt to get the mini mushroom, which is a nice throwback to the days of Super Mario. Retro meets modern with these highly useful and nifty desk toppers.

View Mini Ladybug Desktop Vacuum on Amazon

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6. Don’t Text and Drive Steering Wheel Cover

don't text and drive steering wheel cover

A friendly reminder for your high school teen (or even the out of state college kid) that your child needs to make it home safely for each holiday. Especially if they want to keep getting sweet gifts that you found on the giftasaurus!

View Don’t Text and Driver Steering Wheel Cover on Amazon

7. Pop Socket

ironman pop socket teen stocking stuffer

Apparently, dropping your cell phone on your face is an actual concern for this generation. While there is a plethora of options to choose from for customization, these tech accessories are seeing a surge in popularity. Small enough you can fit multiples in their stocking.

Basically, the pop socket attaches to the back of your phone and rests between your fingers at the tapered end. Then, when your teen is laying down watching the latest Youtube video or reading their Facebook timeline, there’s no more fear of having their phone crash into their face.

View Pop Socket on Amazon

8. Bluetooth Shower Speaker

bluetooth shower speaker stocking gift

While your teen may not be the next American Idol, there’s no harm in them belting out tunes while they get ready for the school day. A great accessory for the cellphone that stays glued to their hand.

View Bluetooth Shower Speaker on Amazon

9. Touchscreen Gloves

touchscreen gloves stocking stuffer

While radio stations are debating whether to take “Baby It’s Cold Outside” off the airwaves, there’s no doubt that with winter upon us. And in fact, it is cold outside. However, winter’s chill shouldn’t keep your college student from giving you a call or sending you a text message.

These touchscreen enabled gloves are unisex, and will easily fit into the stocking. They’ll protect their fingers and help prevent frostbite while still being able to interact with their cellphone. Now they have no excuse for not returning your call.

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10. Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds by ENACFire

wireless earbud headphones

Wires are quickly becoming a thing of the past. With wireless charging pads and bluetooth enabled everything, it seem logical that wireless headphones should be on this list of stocking stuffers. Whether your teen frequents the gym, or just likes listening to tunes at the bus stop, these earbuds are sure to be a hit.

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11. Big Foot Air Freshener

bigfoot air freshener for teens car

Ahhh, the freedom that comes from having your own car. Whether your coed is traversing out of state, or your high school student is celebrating that new freedom pick up the Big Foot Air Freshener. Not only will it help cover up that sweat smell, it also give their ride a little flair. Would be a nice companion gift with the wheel cover mentioned above.

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12. Good Cook Cup O Noodles Maker

cup o noodles and ramen heating cup

While you may imagine your college kid is maintaining a well balanced diet, you’d be mistaken. When I was at school I survived on microwave made quesadillas, hot dogs, and pretty much any other junk food I could get my hands on. However, my primary source of nourishment was Cup O Noodles and Ramen Noodles.

While my mother is having a heart attack reading this, it’s the sad truth. College kids don’t care what they eat other than that it’s quick and fills them up. Keep your college student from burning their fingers with this nifty little device. You aren’t going to change their diet, so making their meals more convenient is the next best thing.

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13. Barbasol Can Safe

barbasol stash can safe

Straight out of the Jurrasic Park playbook comes the Barbasol Can Safe. While there isn’t any cryogenic technology, it’s still a cool gift for your teenager. Help your college student keep their valuables safe, since dorm rooms aren’t exactly the most secure locations. My roomates left our room unlocked on more than one occassion, and while academia is full of bright young minds there are a few bad apples, even in higher education.

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14. 6 Port USB Charger

6 port usb charging station

One thing that dorm rooms seem to be lacking (especially if they are older) are electrical outlets. I remember having power strips with extension cords plugged into them to power all of my electronics. Nowadays with tablets, cell phones, gaming systems, and more power seems to be king.

Don’t eat up all the ports on their power strip or force your student to choose which devices to keep powered up. Instead get this 6 port USB charging station to keep all their devices at 100%.

View 6 Port USB Charger on Amazon

15. 1 Pound Candy Bar

giant candy bar stocking stuffer

Did I mention that college students tend to not eat the healthiest? At least you can rely on candy to get them through their professors lecture. Big enough to share with classmates or roomates, don’t worry this delectable food source won’t go to waste! Stuff your college kids stockings with sweet chocolate for a Christmas day hit.

View 1 Pound Candy Bar on Amazon

16. Nintendo Switch Controller Covers

nintendo switch controller cases

This one might be a bit niche for this top gift list, but if you’re high school or college kid is into the Switch gaming system then this stocking stuffer will be perfect. An ergonomic accessory to protect their controllers and give them a better gaming experience.

View Nintendo Switch Controller Covers on Amazon

17. Electric Shock Pen

electric joke pen teen stocking stuffer

This gag gift is perfect for the studious bookworm or the class clown. In study hall, there’s always that one guy who didn’t bring a pen (hint: that was me in college) and always ends up pocketing your students pen.

With this pen, they won’t be bothering your student anymore, assuming Pavlov’s theories were right. The class clown will enjoy this equally, by leaving the pen lying on a library table to see peoples reactions. Or they could use the pen to mess with their drunk fraternity brothers.

View Electric Shock Pen on Amazon

18. Vehicle Change Organizer

car vehicle change organizer

Every high school and college student has been in a position where they couldn’t rub 2 pennies together. Well, help them stretch their dollars with this change organizer. Their vehicle is their lifeline to life off campus, so they’ll likely spend lots of time using their car. And any parent of a driving age teen knows it’s near impossible to separate their child from the freedom a car offers. Help them save their change to turn it into gas for those trips home for the holidays.

View Car Change Organizer on Amazon

19. Motion Sensor Toilet Light

motion sensor toilet night light gift for stocking

This one almost didn’t make the list, because guys bathrooms are disgusting. However, this is even more true when 6 guys share the same bathroom. But, the merits of this little device earned it this spot.

If you’re unaware, most communal dorm bathrooms have bright white flourescent lights. These aren’t exactly sleep friendly when your college kid stumbles into the bathroom in the wee hours of the morning. However, light their path and illuminate the target with this motion sensored toilet bowl light.

View Motion Sensor Toilet Light on Amazon

20. Tube Of Ping Pong Balls

tube of ping pong balls for college kids stocking

You never know when your student will need a ping pong ball for a game at the student union. Not to be coy, but there’s also a game called beer pong that your collegiate athlete may participate in on the weekends where these will come in handy. This is a great and inexpensive option to fill their stocking this Christmas.

View Tube of Ping Pong Balls on Amazon

21. Guys Canvas Laundry Bag

college student laundry bag stocking stuffer

Sometimes guys need a little reminder on things, like birthdays and how to do laundry. Get this for your college boy who performs better with step by step instructions. Of course, feel free to omit this gift if you’d rather them drive home to do their laundry and help ease you empty nest syndrome.

View Guys Canvas Laundry Bag on Amazon

22. Adhesive Phone Wallet

adhesive phone wallet

On today’s campus less is more. There’s not a whole lot that your college or high school student needs to carry around on a regular basis. This year, put something useful in your teens stocking. The Gecko Adhesive phone wallet is just what the professor ordered.

This wallet attaches to the back of their cell phone, and provides storage for their student ID, some cash (if they have any), and an RFID blocking sleeve for their debit or credit card. With several designs it should be easy to find that fits your teens personality.

View Adhesive Phone Wallet on Amazon

Final Thoughts

That rounds out the list of gifts for your teenage high school and college kid. However, if you weren’t able to find exactly what you were looking for check out the technology gadgets gift list for a few more small items they may like. Below are some other standard items to consider as well:

  • gift cards (food, gas, amazon, etc.)
  • travel toiletries (shampoo, lotion, nail polish, lip balm, etc.)
  • magazine subscriptions
  • hygeine kits (nails, beard, sewing, etc.)
  • subscriptions to services (e.g. Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.)
  • clothes (underwear, socks, etc.)
  • quick food options (popcorn, beef jerky, breakfast bars, etc.)

While you’re here check out our other holiday gift lists. Also, if there’s anything I’ve missed that you think should be on the list, let me know and I can add it in the future. As always, happy gift hunting!

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