Celebrating Father’s Day for Stepdad’s

Every third Sunday in June, we celebrate Father’s Day. If you come from a family like my girlfriend, then this day was probably pretty straightforward growing up. Her parents were happily married until her father’s untimely passing. However, for those of us like myself who come from a blended family, this holiday can be a bit tricky. When you don’t have just one father, the holiday can be a confusing time.

Nowadays, with films like “Daddy’s Home,” the blended family seems a bit more commonplace than it had been when I was growing up. Although not expressly addressed in the films, having two dad’s comes with a very unique set of problems. So in this article we’re going to address some common ways to celebrate Father’s Day for those of you with stepdad’s in your life.

1. Make A Gift For Your Stepdad

Fortunately for you, stepdad’s don’t really expect anything extravagant for Father’s day. Instead of buying them a gift, you can always make something. Generally speaking, dad’s are equipped with the DIY gene, so this can be tricky territory.

Instead, opt to give them something they likely wouldn’t think to do on their own. For instance, you can go the nostalgic route, and find an old photo of you and your stepdad to get framed. Another good idea is making them a playlist of Father’s day songs to jam out to in the garage while they work on restoring that old Mustang.

What’s the best Father’s Day Song for Stepdad’s?

Musical artists (or at least their writers) must come from happy homes, because there are a ton of songs about dad’s. Unfortunately, stepdad’s don’t get a whole lot of love around Father’s Day, particularly in the music department. However, there are a handful of songs that are a tribute to the men who became fathers to children they didn’t sire. The best song for stepdad’s is “He Didn’t Have To Be” by Brad Paisley.

2. Volunteer Your Time This Father’s Day

If you’re like me, my stepdad was constantly asking me — well more like telling me — to mow the lawn. Needless to say, I hated taking care of the lawn. Today, I’ve got my own property to maintain, and I can see why the old man was always pawning it off on me. However, since my departure from home, he hasn’t let the yard lapse. If this isn’t the case for you, try helping out the old man by taking care of the lawn this season.

Fortunately for me, my stepdad does not have the DIY gene. I can easily get away with doing small projects around the house. It’s a bonus because my mother is happy, and therefore, my stepfather is happy.

However, you may not be mechanically inclined, so this isn’t an option for you. Instead, try offering a coupon book for assisting with those two person jobs he’s been putting off. If he’s got the DIY chromosome he’ll be happy to have the extra set of hands, and chances are it’ll only cost you a weekend and you might learn a thing or two from Pops.

3. Plan An Excursion With Dad

Got a stepdad who’s a big sports fan? Try getting a couple of tickets to a sporting event that he enjoys. If you can’t afford a professional event, you can always opt for a minor league feeder team event. Not only are the tickets cheaper, but so is the beer and other refreshments. Also, there’s nothing in the rule book saying you can’t take a grill and do a little parking lot tailgating beforehand.

Bringing things back to the music idea, you could always get your stepfather a few tickets to an upcoming concert for him, your mother, and you . Bonus if the playlist you make your stepdad also features an artist you get him concert tickets for.

If all of these things seem to be out of your price range, you can always hit up an arcade if your stepdad is a gamer. With options like Dave and Busters and others you’ll have access to food and games, so you can make a day of it.

4. Recreate A Fond Memory

One of the fondest memories I have from my childhood that involves my stepdad is going fishing on a charter boat. Sure, getting up at zero dark thirty wasn’t ideal, but it did get me out of a day at school! Perhaps you can do something similar, and take dad on a fishing trip.

Perhaps your memory isn’t something as grandiose as a chartered fishing trip. Instead, try something simple you haven’t done in a long while, maybe a game of catch or a trip to the batting cages. My stepdad regularly enjoys playing golf. I’d never picked up a golf club until he waltzed into my mothers life. While I didn’t do particularly well playing the course, I wouldn’t mind hitting the driving range for a couple hours.

5. Plan A Father’s Day Cookout

One thing that Father’s Day, and pretty much every summer holiday has in common, is the opportunity to organize a cookout. If your stepdad gets stuck cooking for others at these events, maybe give him a respite for one holiday and do the cooking yourself.

However, if your stepfather has an affinity for the grilling arts, just grab the finest cuts of meat and some beers. Enlist mom if you aren’t of age to purchase alcohol. Chances are she knows his preferred brand of brew. On top of that, you can get him a cool grilling accessory to complete his grill master arsenal.

6. Head To The Track With Your Stepdad

This is a shout out to the NASCAR dads and stepdads out there. Try getting your dad some track time at a local raceway. If your stepdad tinkers in the garage or is a car enthusiast, chances are he’d love a ride along in an actual racecar.

Although, if you think a trip to the local raceway is out of your price range, you can always go Mario Kart style and head to a local go kart track to test dads skills. If it’s one thing that doesn’t change with age, it’s that most men still enjoy fast cars.

Final Thoughts

On Father’s Day, stepdad’s tend to be forgotten. This year, take some time to organize an event for your stepdad that he’ll enjoy. If experience gifts aren’t really your thing, you can always check the top gift lists on the site to find a quality gift idea for Father’s Day. Remember, this holiday isn’t just about biological fathers. It’s good to remember the guys who stepped up and were the dad that they didn’t have to be.

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