12 Fathers Day Gifts For Gear Heads and Car Enthusiasts

Fatherhood comes in many shapes and forms. You’ve got biological fathers, stepdads, father-in-law’s, and even friends who are dad’s. If they are a gear head or car enthusiast, chances are they spend as much time tinkering in the garage as they do with their kids. Sometimes they do both simultaneously. This Fathers Day, show them how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication under the chassis, and above, with a gift from this list.

Not every father’s day gift needs to be about grilling and tailgates. Furthermore, many fathers don’t need a mug that exclaims to the world they are the number one dad. Instead get them something useful, that really speaks to the gear head in them.

  1. RAK Universal Socket
  2. Wizsla Magnetic Wristband
  3. Bluetooth Vehicle Code Scanner
  4. Creeper with Built In Tool Tray
  5. Cordless LED Work Light
  6. Blinker Fluid
  7. Clutch/Gas Socks
  8. Flexible Magnetic Tool Holder
  9. Tool Cutlery Set
  10. MagniPros LED Illuminated Headband with Visor Magnifier
  11. Viking Revolution Activated Charcoal Soap
  12. Vamplier Screw Extraction Pliers

1. RAK Universal Socket

RAV Socket for Gearhead Dad

This tool is a must have for the grease monkey father in your life. This tool fits almost every nut, bolt, or screw your pops will run into in the garage. No more checking sockets one by one to find the right fit. This tool has plenty of torque to loosen those stuck on bolts (125 lbs.). Just spray a little PB Blaster or WD40 and let it work. Fits both metric and standard!

View RAK Universal Socket on Amazon

2. Wizsla Magnetic Wristband

Wiszla magnetic wristband for mechanics

When Dad’s under the hood, it’s easy to lose track of that one particular screw or bolt. With the Wizsla Magnetic wristband, lost pieces are a thing of the past, assuming it’s not a plastic spacer. Makes keeping track of small fasteners a breeze in the tight spaces of the engine compartment. Dad will be thrilled with this Father’s Day gift. You can read more about this magnetic wristband here.

View Wizsla Magnetic Wristband on Amazon

3. BlueDriver Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool

bluedriver obdii scanner for diagnosing engine problems

The dreaded “check engine light” is the bane of most mechanics existence. Mostly because you need some kind of diagnostic tool to actually figure out the error code. The BlueDriver makes it a snap with their app. Just download the app, plug, and play (or work I suppose). No more guessing whether it’s the O2 sensor or an evap leak. Help Dad out with a little bit of tech, and perhaps save your mother from dealing with his frustration in the coming year.

View Bluetooth OBDII Scanner on Amazon

4. Pro Lift Plastic Creeper With Tool Trays

mechanics creeper

Chances are, your Pops is getting up there in years. He’ll probably feel like he’s 100 years old when he’s having to constantly shimmy underneath the chassis (the frame of the vehicle). This Father’s Day, save your Dad’s back with a tool to help him get under, and out from underneath, his project. It’s also got trays for tool storage to keep those trips in and out minimal. With a 350 lbs. capacity, it will accommodate even the heftiest of old men.

View Creeper with Tool Tray on Amazon

5. Cordless LED Work Light

mechanics hanging light with different attachments

Ever seen “That 70’s Show?” If not, Eric Foreman’s Dad is always instructing him on the proper way to hold the light while he’s tinkering under the hood. This Father’s Day gift will spare you that fate. Dad can position the light just how he wants it, thereby absolving you of “doing it wrong.” It’s also rechargeable via the cigarette lighter, so Dad can take it to those car meets with the other old guys!

View Cordless LED Work Light on Amazon

6. Blinker Fluid

fathers day gag gift blinker fluid container

A classic gag gift, the “Blinker Fluid” will get a chuckle out of Dad this Father’s Day. Although the container is empty, I’m sure you’ll find something clever to fill it with! FYI — there’s no such thing as blinker fluid.

View Blinker Fluid on Amazon

7. Clutch/Gas Socks

socks for clutch and gas feet fathers day gag gift for car enthusiast

Another gag gift for Father’s day, the clutch and gas socks are a reminder about which foot goes where. We’re sure your old man doesn’t need these, but it will likely get a laugh from him. For those of you who don’t know how to drive a manual transmission, the clutch is on the left and the go pedal is on the right!

View Clutch/Gas Socks on Amazon

8. Flexible Magnetic Tool Holder

flexible magnetic tool tray

Help Dad keep that paint job fresh on his vehicle restoration project. Once he’s got the paint done, this little gem will help him keep his tools in place while the hood is up, and prevent that purty new paint job pristine. It measures roughly 12 inches X 9 inches and flexes with the contours of the body.

View Flexible Magnetic Tool Holder on Amazon

9. Tools Flatware Set

flatware with tools as handles

Keep Dad inspired, even at the dinner table, with this set of flatware designed in the shape of common tools. While not practical, they’re a thoughtful gift that isn’t in the shape of a coffee mug.

View Tools Cutlery Set on Amazon

10. MagniPros LED Illuminated Headband with Visor Magnifier

magnifying headgear for small garage projects

In Dad’s old age, his eyesight may be going. Keep his project illuminated, and with 1X to 3.5X magnification, he shouldn’t have any problems seeing whatever he’s working on.

View Magnifying Visor on Amazon

11. Viking Revolution Activated Charcoal Soap

activated charcoal soap for cleanup after a day in the shop

I can appreciate a heaping pile of Gojo to eliminate grease and oil from my hands after a day in the garage. While that typically takes care of a majority of the grime, afterwards I still have to wash my hands. The Viking Revolution activated charcoal is infused with mud from the Dead Sea, which has healing properties for Dad’s skin, just ask Mom. No doubt, your father will have busted a few knuckles and this can help heal them up. Not to mention, this soap produces a thick lather to help wash away the dirt, grease, oil, and anything else he’s picked up in the garage.

View Viking Revolution Activated Charcoal Soap on Amazon

12. Vamplier Screw Extraction Pliers

vampliers to help extract rounded out screws

Some screws are stubborn, probably just like your Dad. The Vamplier screw extraction pliers give him an edge over his adversary. The concave tip ensures a tight grip on the target screw, and will help with stripped and rusted on screws. No doubt Dad will be grateful if you pick these up for him this Father’s Day.

View Vamplier Screw Extraction Pliers on Amazon

Final Thoughts

While Dad may spend his evenings and weekends prying rusty bolts from their housings, and cursing at his beloved vehicle, we’re sure he enjoys being in the garage. Make his time there a little easier with one of the items from this list. Couldn’t find that special gift you were looking for? Check out some of our other gift lists that might appeal to Dad.

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