12 Romantic Valentines Day Gifts for Her

Sifting through a sea of romantic Valentine’s day gifts for her can be a time consuming task. There are so many repetitive gifts, it’s tough to find something unique for your lover. Taking a shortcut because you waited til the last minute can be a recipe for disaster. Fortunately for you, I’ve compiled 12 of the most Romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for the lady in your life.

  1. Gold dipped rose
  2. “I Love You” in 120 languages
  3. Valentine’s music box
  4. Commemorative “first kiss” print
  5. USB mixtape
  6. Chocolate bouquet of roses
  7. Full length silk robe
  8. Personalized message in a bottle
  9. Dozen chocolate covered strawberries
  10. Gigantic teddy bear
  11. Rose tree desk lamp
  12. QR coded LOVE print

1. Gold Dipped Rose

gold dipped rose instead of dozen roses

What woman doesn’t love flowers? Instead of giving her a bouquet of roses this Valentine’s Day, opt for something just as romantic but that will last a lifetime. Get the love of your life this real rose that’s been encased in resin and dipped in 24 Karat gold. It will be just like a scene out of beauty and the beast.

What woman doesn’t love flowers? Instead of giving her a bouquet of roses this Valentine’s Day, opt for something just as romantic but that will last a lifetime. Get the love of your life this real rose that’s been encased in resin and dipped in 24 Karat gold. It will be just like a scene out of beauty and the beast.

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2. “I Love You” In 120 Languages Necklace

i love you in 120 language romantic valentine's gift

Sometimes it’s tough to express your feelings, but that shouldn’t stop you on this holiday. Let this beautiful necklace do the talking for you, with the words “I Love You” transcribed in 120 different languages.

With several material options, including sterling silver, white gold, and yellow gold there’s sure to be something to fit her style. Use the included magnifying glass for a closer inspection of your words of love. A gift that sure to touch her heart, and complete her Valentine’s dinner evening ensemble.

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3. Valentine’s Music Box

valentines music box

If music is indeed food for the soul, then this music box will captivate her heart and soul. She’ll definitely feel the love with this song choice. However, there are several different music boxes with different tunes. So, you should be able to find that romantic ballad that really speaks to your lover.

With a classic Italian Burlwood finish, it’s a classy centerpiece for any room that will be sure to start a conversation. She could also use it as a jewelry box to keep her other romantic keepsakes safe. You can also personalize the lid with your own couples photo.

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4. Commemorative First Kiss Print

cross street commemorating first kiss for valentines day

Nothing screams romance more than a commemoration of your first intimate moment. This beautiful print comes in a couple different sizes and you can choose whether or not you want the print framed. Simply provide your name, her name, and the date of your first kiss.

There are also several clever options for displaying your special moment; including street signs, a carved tree, and hearts drawn in the sand. It’s a classy gift and a reminder of the spark that ignited the fire in your relationship.

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5. USB MixTape

usb mixtape of love songs

Who doesn’t love a good mixtape? Put together some of the best love songs and pile them onto this vintage shaped USB. Nowadays, everything is digital. However, not long ago, tapes were the way to get your favorite unreleased song off the radio. Give her a gift that’s incredibly personalized, and a throwback to a simpler time.

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6. Chocolate Bouquet of Roses

bouquet of chocolate roses for her valentine's gift

The problem with most edible arrangements is that they’re so darn healthy. However, with this edible bouquet of roses, you combine the two most common Valentine’s Day gifts into one delicious present. This scrumtious gift comes in 2, 6, and 12 packs!

Another bonus over traditional flowers, is that this bouquet will last as long as her will power. Even if she can only resist the temptation for a day, at least you’ll satisfy her sweet tooth! While wine is probably better, the next best way to get to a woman’s heart is with chocolate.

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7. Full Length Silk Robe

silk robe for her in pink

I don’t think this one needs any explanation, but if your significant other likes to pamper themselves then this gift will make her evening. Giving your lover a robe helps mitigate any problems you may encounter in the sizing department. Couple it with a set of bath bombs, or other luxury spa gift to make your lady swoon.

With 5 different color choices, you shouldn’t have a problem finding one she likes. The hypoallergenic silk means it is ideal for her sensitive skin. And, unlike most women’s robes this is full length and is truly made for her to lounge and enjoy herself.

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8. Personalized Message In A Bottle

message in a bottle Valentine's gift for her

If you feel adrift in an open sea without your partner, then this may be the gift to give. Sharing your feelings hasn’t ever been easier, simply select “customize now” and write your lover a message (limit 350 characters). This will be included with the bottle, so no need to create your own to include.

If you’re not overly gifted at expressing your feelings, no need to worry. Simply include a coupon for a free massage or other equally intimate activity, and let the message on the bottle do the talking. There’s also silk rose petals for added Valentine’s Day flair.

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9. Dozen Chocolate Covered Strawberries

valentine's sweets, chocolate covered strawberries

So the bouquet of chocolate roses wasn’t what you had in mind? How about trying a slightly healthier version with this dozen chocolate covered strawberries from Golden State. Ornately decorated, this a great Valentine’s Day gift for the woman who loves sweets but is health conscious.

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10. Giant Teddy Bear

giant valentine's day teddy bear

If you’re going to go the classic Teddy Bear on Valentine’s Day, you might as well go over the top. Standing (well he has to be held or propped up) at 5 feet tall, this giant bear is the perfect plush Valentine’s Day gift for her. On those cold, lonely nights, she’ll be glad to cuddle up with this giant teddy that doubles as a body pillow.

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11. Rose Tree Desk Lamp

rose tree bedside lamp

Brighten up her home decor with this Rose Tree desk lamp. Much more functional than a bouquet of a dozen red roses, the fully adjustable branches will light up her bedroom and provide a constant reminder of your affection. Because this runs on AAA batteries, she’s not constrained by pesky outlets. Give her the perfect night light for reading those romance novels she loves!

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12. QR Coded LOVE Print

personalized print of your favorite love song in qr code

Whether “your song” is “All Of Me” by John Legend or “Everything I Do” by Bryan Adams, immortalize your love with this QR coded print. Simply provide the link to the YouTube video of your ballad along with a personal message. Download any QR code app on your phone, and you’re ready to go.

Amaze the woman your partner showing her the hidden message in your confession of love by scanning the image and playing your tune. A very personalized message that is sure to make her heart melt. Congratulations, you just won Valentine’s Day!

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Final Thoughts

There you have it, a comprehensive list of romantic Valentine’s day gifts for the woman who rocks your world. Take some time to return the favor and check out this article on planning the perfect Valentine’s day. From big surprises to small gestures, this holiday is all about showing appreciation for your partner in crime, your best friend, and the love of your life.

If you didn’t find anything that spoke to you on this list, check out this other list for some other equally romantic gifts. Good luck with your Valentine’s Day plans, make sure to check back frequently for new recommendations.

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