Celebrating Valentine’s Day For The Other Lady In Your Life — Your Mom!

Valentine’s Day is generally accepted as the day we show our love and appreciation for that special woman in our life. The day is marked with red roses, candy hearts, teddy bears, and other romantic gifts. However, today I’m going to talk about the other woman in your life who may, or may not, need your affections this Valentine’s Day. Someone who loves you unconditionally, and whose love is maternal rather than romantic — your mother.

After tossing around some ideas with my girlfriend, we started discussing how to celebrate Valentine’s Day for mom. Initially I thought that this was a simple task. Just send Mom a Valentine’s Day text and call it a day. I mean after all, I’ve got my hands full trying to plan a memorable holiday for my girlfriend. However, after a bit more discussion, she brought up some valid points that I figured I would explore. Without further adieu, let’s talk about how to celebrate Valentine’s Day for mom.

Is It Weird To Celebrate Valentine’s Day For Mom?

Don’t get uncomfortable with the idea of sending Mom a Valentine’s Day love note. The meaning of the holiday varies from culture to culture. Traditions vary accordingly, so there’s no need to feel weird about sending something to mom on Valentine’s Day. Some cultures, Latin America for instance, celebrate the holiday as a “day of love and friendship.” Furthermore, in Finland, the holiday is known as “friends day” and the primary focus is upon appreciation of friends.

For The Married or Re-Married Mom

If you’re fortunate enough to have a mother whose marriage has lasted into your adulthood, congratulations. You’re probably among the minority in today’s society. However, even if your mother has found a second chance at love, with either a new boyfriend or husband, your workload this Valentine’s Day is going to be light.

Mom’s who have a lover likely have flowers and a candlelit dinner in their future. What does that mean for you? In all honesty, you could probably send Mom a text wishing her a “Happy Valentine’s Day” and still make her day. If you are feeling exceptionally giving on Valentine’s Day, you could plan ahead and send her an actual card via snail mail.

For The Single Mom

Valentine’s Day for the single mother can be a rough time. It doesn’t matter if your father left when you were young, or the relationship just didn’t work out. For the single mom, this holiday can stir up some resentful feelings. While all her co-workers are getting flowers delivered to the office, it’s just another night for her.

Fortunately, your mother can rely on you to brighten her day. Try taking some time to make her breakfast before she heads off to work if you live at home. It will start her day off right, and give her something to talk about when her friends flowers arrive. Give mom a card to let her know that you appreciate all the sacrifices in love she’s made to raise you.

If you’re an adult and have moved out of the house, try sending mom a bouquet of flowers. Obviously, don’t send the dozen red roses often associated with romantic love. Instead opt for carnations which come in a variety of colors. Just knowing that she’s at the forefront of your mind this Valentine’s Day can be enough.

For The Widow

This section is the real reason for this article. Mother’s who have lost their true love are the most vulnerable during this holiday. Even if all her husband did was the obligatory flowers and chocolates, the absence of these things can definitely make the heart grow fonder.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day for the mother who is a widow means taking the extra step. The best distraction that a widow can get on Valentine’s Day is to be surrounded by other loved ones. Make it a point to travel to Mom’s place and make her dinner. Also, little reminders throughout the day are a nice way to keep her distracted. If you’re fortunate enough to have siblings like my girlfriend, make sure to remind them to call or text mom as well.

Final Thoughts

You should at the very least text your mother on Valentine’s Day. Also, you should never feel awkward about sending your mother a Valentine’s Day gift. Any gesture, however small, is sure to make a big impact on her. Depending on your mothers situation, more effort may be required to make the day easier to bear.

There are all kinds of moms out there, and finding the best way to wish her a Happy Valentine’s Day is very personal. However, even if your children don’t find this article, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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