Fat Gripz Forearm Strength Builder

Alright gym junkies, take your weight training game to the next level with the Fat Gripz forearm strength builder. Get the most out of your workout by adding these to your normal lifts. It’s a humbling experience lifting with these guys so check your ego at the door. You want to get swole? Give the Fat Gripz a try, and watch your gainz go through the roof.


Anyone who frequents the gym has hit the dreaded “plateau” at some point. I’ve been plagued by back issues for the past couple years, and it sucks. However, even before my injury, the limiting factor for me was always my grip strength. My body could lift more, but I was constantly using wrist straps for lifts where it wasn’t necessary.

While working out with another baseball coach at the high school gym, I mentioned my dismay over my grip strength. He had me use chalk as the first trial, with little effect. Second he showed me some exercises to focus on grip strength which did help, but I realized was not getting me where I needed to be.

Enter the Fat Gripz – the blue original version! “Try these” he said with a shit-eating grin. I soon found out why. The burn, Ermahgerd! I continued my workout doing bent over rows and some other back exercises. I finished the workout, or rather the workout finished me. The next day I could feel the lactic acid built up in my forearms.

Final Thoughts

I haven’t gotten my own set, but I use his whenever I get the chance, because they work. The rubber is super durable, and the applications are endless. Working biceps? Cool, throw these bad boys on the dumbell or barbell. Oh Back you say, try doing some pullups with these. A great gift for the dedicated gym user.

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