Glenor Co. Wristwatch Display Case

Know someone who is always rockin’ a Rolex, Seiko, or Zenith watch? How about getting them something to keep their prized possessions from falling off the night stand or dresser. Then you’ll probably want the Glencor wristwatch display case.

Everybody knows at least one person who is all about accessories. I’ve actually got two of those friends, and both are guys. Other than both accessorizing, they couldn’t be more polar opposites, especially when it comes to their styles.

We’re only going to talk about one of them today, because he’s the one who could use the wristwatch display case. This guy is all about watches, unlike me, who wears a watch about once a decade. He seems to have a watch for most every occasion. No joke, he donated some watches to me when we moved out of an apartment together, because his inventory was getting a little excessive. Anyways, his most recent addition was an ultimate survival watch. I’m pretty sure the link doesn’t do his watch justice. It certainly has very similar features, but he’s the expert.

At a recent camping trip, he showed me a bunch of the applicable features. Unfortunately for him, I was slightly inebriated, and the one feature it didn’t have, was beer on tap. But I’m pretty sure I’ve got a good idea for what to get him for Christmas. We typically set a budget for gifts among friends, and the display case fits the bill. I will have to update you if or when I get this for him. I don’t doubt he’ll give me an honest review, but in the meantime, check it out for yourself. This site is all about ideas, so I don’t have all the answers.

For the ladies, you may want to check out the jewelry cabinet I have listed.

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