Google Pixel 2 Smartphone

The Pixel 2 has it all. Google smashes it with the introduction of the Google Pixel 2 smartphone. It has convenience features like fingerprint recognition technology for unlocking the phone. Voice commands with “Ok Google” make it easy to find whatever it is you are looking for on the web. Functional battery saving options, and more. A definite must have for any smartphone user!


I’ve mentioned this in other product descriptions, but I recently lost my phone. My trusty Samsung Galaxy S7 is no more, RIP. While it sucked losing my SD card, and a bunch of memories along with it, I was provided the unique opportunity to test out a newer phone. After grumbling about the POS who stole my phone, I sauntered into my local Verizon store intent on getting a new phone. In today’s society, you can’t be without one it seems. I was going to turn this negative into a positive. While I enjoyed my S7, it was becoming dated.

After a quick chat with the sales rep, I began walking the floor and playing with the models they had on display. Was my phone really that old? I began to see the differences a couple years can make immediately. Of course I was offered the “latest and greatest” opportunity to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S9.

I’m rarely an early adopter of technology, because inevitably there are bugs. I really don’t like being the guinea pig for big business. A phone that works reliably is the most important thing to me. So that option went out the window.

After looking over the new iPhones (which don’t use the android operating system) I finally settled on the Google Pixel 2. It was familiar enough that I wouldn’t be totally lost, but the new kid on the block with something to prove. I figured now was the time to get off the Samsung train.

Google Pixel 2 Physical Feature Review

Now my preferences in technology have always been a bit behind the norm. Kicking and screaming, I finally gave up my LG EnV (yes I’m that old), for a smartphone with an on screen keyboard. Now it seems the last bastion of physical buttons is going the way of the dodo. The Google Pixel 2 has the home, back, and task manager buttons integrated on the screen.

Google Pixel 2 Memory

In terms of memory space, there’s no more SD card. This came as quite the relief given my latest fiasco. Instead, your stuff gets pushed up to the cloud. It also makes it super convenient. Should I should ever lose this phone, I can get my data out of the cloud and onto my new machine. I am no longer reliant on Verizon for backups (although their backups did save the day when setting up my Google Pixel 2).

The phone comes in two versions. There’s a 64GB and 128GB version. I opted for the larger one, because they didn’t have the color I wanted in the 64. This should be plenty of space unless you’re downloading entire movies in HD onto your phone.

Camera and Screen

Next came the camera. I’d take a picture and share it, but it’s tough taking a picture of your phone with your phone. The 12 megapixel camera takes quality photos, and has a built in stabilization setting. This means less motion blur when you’re taking your selfies! Built on an already solid foundation from the original Pixel camera, it’s no wonder this is a key selling point.

The Pixel 2 was released in October of 2017. My girlfriend had wanted one for Christmas this past year, so I had done some research already on the phone. Most of the issues I found were with screen display. After inquiring, I was told that those issues are virtually non-existent now, but if I did have a problem it was covered.

Google Pixel 2 Technology Review

So this phone is still relatively new to me, and I’m experimenting with it constantly. However, the biggest, baddest, and best selling point was…NO BLOATWARE! In case you aren’t familiar with the term, bloatware is all those crappy apps that phones come installed with automatically. You can’t get rid of them, they just hog up memory space.

Not only did the Google Pixel 2 not have bloatware, but you are in complete control over the installed apps. “You can get rid of anything you want”, the clerk explained to me. He said I could even get rid of the contacts app if I wanted to. But, there’s no way to get the information contained in the app back once I delete. Obviously this was not recommended.

In the time I’ve had the phone, there haven’t been any hangups or spinning wheels of death. However, after the initial setup (which was super simple and completed within minutes in store), there were a TON of updates. Make sure you are on wifi so your data doesn’t get burned up. You’ll be required to plugin your PIN after updates.

The final feature I’ll discuss is the fingerprint recognition technology. Opening up your phone is simple, just grab it and place your finger on the sensor on the back of the phone. I scanned both my index fingers when setting up so I can unlock with either hand. No more clicking the screen to get the pin pad to show. It will unlock from the screensaver, which is nice. One note, fingerprint recognition won’t unlock the phone after a reboot.


I’ve already discussed the screen issues, and being covered under warranty (at least through Verizon). However, some people have complained about bluetooth connectivity. I’ve used the Pixel 2 with my 2014 F150 without any issues. Furthermore, I have a Sena SMH 10R headset on my motorcycle helmet. After re-acquainting myself with the process for that device, it paired seamlessly. Finally, I’ve got the Philips Bluetooth headphones which I wrote a review on, that I use at the gym. Guess what, no problems there either. Given my 100% success rate with pairing to the Pixel 2, I’m assuming it’s user error or the third party equipment that’s the problem.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend this phone to anyone who’s currently on an android operating system. It’s built on the same OS, but gives the user so much more control. You have access to so many cool accessories, like the pixel buds, which can do translations in real time (mind blown)! Also, for the Apple folks out there, this phone is worth a try. Give it a shot, and don’t get discouraged, you’ll end up falling in love!

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