MLB Baseball Park Map

Need a gift for the avid baseball fan? This 26″ x 19″ MLB baseball park map poster is great way for them to track their travels.

Story Time:

My girlfriend and I met in high school. Softball was her sport of choice, and bet you can’t guess what mine is (hint: it’s baseball). Fast forward roughly a million years, and I’m trying to think of a good Christmas gift for that year. She’s been playing a lot of co-ed softball, and we’ve always enjoyed going to baseball games together. In fact, they year past I finally got to see a game at Turner Field – Go Braves (more on that later). Anyways, I try to do one large (expensive) gift a year, and I tend to do themes. This years theme would be…baseball!

I do think that experience gifts are amazing, if they’re the right experiences. Finally, I decide to get the mlb baseball park map poster for several reasons. First, I now have a near endless supply of gift experiences (think Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Christmas, etc.). Second, this is something we can do together we enjoy. Not nearly as painful as a concert to some musician I don’t really like. Finally, we aren’t starting from scratch on this little bucket-list. Camden Yards, Nats Stadium, and Turner Field (wink wink) can all have the convenient little baseball stickers applied to their locations.

So as you can guess, her “big” gift was a trip to watch Boston (her team) play against the Blue Jays in Toronto. Seats were 3 rows from the turf. Like a boss! Ok, but why the Braves references? Well, Turner Field was scheduled to close down. Completing our mission now requires we visit Suntrust field for another Braves game! #winning!

We also got NFL stadiums covered.

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