Harry Potter Laundry Room Sign – Free Dobby

Everyone who has seen the Harry Potter movies remembers that iconic scene. Daddy Malfoy gets tricked into giving Dobby the sock that sets him free. You won’t need to sacrifice the socks off your feet like Harry did. If you know someone who has a dryer that eats socks, then get them the Harry Potter Laundry Room Sign. They’ll be able to store the mismatched socks until their other half appears. They can also save them up and donate to the liberation of house elves.

Here’s a refresher for those of you who don’t know the scene I’m talking about:

Talk about an excellent gift. I can’t even take credit for this one. My buddy got this for my girlfriend, and she went nuts over it. Not only is it tastefully done, it’s also clever, and incredibly practical. Surprisingly enough, our dryer seems to eat socks as well.

Our hungry dryer has led to the Harry Potter Laundry Room Sign being hung on the wall of the laundry room downstairs. Despite the cute factor, it’s actually a very convenient way to keep track of the socks that don’t end up having a partner when they come out of the dryer. It is mounted right next to the drying rack, which is another practical gift.

Unlike some of it’s counterparts, the sign seems sturdy. Construction is actual wood, and was easy enough to mount using a couple of drywall anchors and screws. If there’s a woman in your life who helps with the laundry chores, and she’s a Harry Potter fan, get this and blow her mind!

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