Lifeproof Cell Phone Protective Case

Have you ever had the pleasure of breaking your phone and replacing it with the insurance? I can tell you this, it’s not nearly as fun or as cheap as it sounds. With the Lifeproof Cell Phone Protective Case, you don’t need to worry about insurance claims anymore, because this thing is like the Iron Man suit for Android and iPhone devices.

I’ve had several of these little guys. I think this case is phenomenal. Like with any good product, it does have room for improvement, to make it great. When I say that I’ve owned “several” of these cases, I meant for the same phone. My Samsung has outlasted 2 of these cases, which is definitely a good thing. Replacing the case was far cheaper and easier than replacing the phone.

I’ll break down the one and only issue I’ve experienced. There’s a small latch on the bottom of the Samsung version. This is made to easily waterproof the charging port. For the first couple months this worked fine, but the latch grabs onto a small lip made of — you guessed it — plastic. If you are unfamiliar with the characteristics of plastic, it tends to break. I was told by the creator the best way to avoid breaking was to get a wireless charging station.

The Lifeproof Cell Phone Protective Case has traveled with me to Hawaii, where I full submerged it in the Pacific. I intended to take pictures of fish, eels, rays, and sea turtles. Through no fault of the case, I wasn’t able to use the camera functionality. I obviously don’t blame the case, but I do have a bone to pick with Samsung.

Obviously I am an Android phone user, but they also have the iPhone equivalent.

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