Ring WiFi Enabled Doorbell with Video

Not gonna lie, my buddy got this and ended up giving one to his mother for Christmas…and I’m jealous! With the ability to see and speak with the person at your door, it makes yelling “Come In, it’s unlocked” a thing of the past. The Ring Wifi enabled doorbell, also has built-in motion sensors that will alert you when someone comes up to your door. A great feature if you’re concerned with being assassinated by the fake pizza delivery guy. I suppose the more practical use is to monitor your house when packages get delivered. Then you will know if someone tries to snatch all those awesome gifts you got off of NeededGift.com. Bonus: If you’ve got an Alexa, it also works with that.

I cannot speak to the ease of installation. My buddy did all the work, but I don’t think that it took a ton of his time (he’s always on the go). I did manage to get one complaint about the motion sensor alert. Apparently, if you’ve got people going in and out of the house for a smoke break it still alerts. So, just be aware that if you are throwing a holiday party your phone may get blown up.

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