Portable Projector

So many possibilities for such a small piece of technology. This portable projector is budget friendly, and has compatibility with so many other tech gadgets. Ideal gift for anyone who enjoys multimedia on a grand scale. You could project the big game, or game with friends and gain the competitive edge that comes with a giant screen.


Here’s another gift idea that resulted from the recent wedding I attended. While we didn’t stream the World Cup, we did hook this little guy up to a laptop to play a heartfelt message from the grooms brother on his big day. For clarification the brother had to do a video message because he was on deployment.

Portable Projector Features

As you’ve probably guessed from the image, this little guy connects to just about everything. But you won’t be connecting 10 devices to it at once, you got 1 HDMI port to work with. I’ve already mentioned the laptop at the wedding as our chosen source.

I was sitting at a distance, and the picture looked great. Up close it wasn’t HD by any means but honestly who site close to an ~60″ projection? Apparently it stretches to 176 inch image. Can’t verify that though, since the screen we projected onto was not that large and we didn’t have a blank wall.

We were sitting in a dining area, so the sound wasn’t great. In fact they held the wireless microphone up to it to make sure it projected to the party. There is a way to hook up external audio, so don’t worry too much about the stock speakers. It’s a projector not surround sound. Finally, your power source is the standard AC, so if you’re outdoors you better bring an extension cord.

Final Thoughts

Beyond the gaming applications, or the “big game” applications, you could also use this portable projector as a decorative piece. Perhaps you know someone, like I do, who goes all out for Halloween. Can you imagine projecting iconic scenes from horror flicks as the intro to the haunted house?

Of course you could also use this for a movie screening of Moana for the neighborhood kids. Be careful not to violate any piracy laws if you do this. Fellas you could also use this as a Valentine’s day gift and couple it with a picnic ensemble to complete the gift. No doubt, you’ll end up watching a Walk to Remember, or the Notebook, but hey — major brownie points.

For the irony, I recommend watching Back to the Future. I bet Doc’s hair looks sweet on an 80 inch projection!

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