Travel Size Cigar Humidor Case

This travel size personal cigar humidor case has a 2 cigar capacity (pending cigar size) and it is ultra compact and fully accessorized. Keep your cigar aficionado stocked at the golf course, country club, or a back yard BBQ. They will have access to everything they need, kept at ideal humidity, for optimum enjoyment.

Story Time:

I hope my girlfriends’ younger brother isn’t peeping this site. If you are, don’t read any further!

So I mentioned that I was recently at a wedding. Well the groom in this instance happens to enjoy the occasional cigar. Now, I told you about the gift my lady friend was working on. This is likely going to be my contribution. I know, I know, it should be something they will both enjoy. Well how do I know she doesn’t like cigars?!

This sweet man-cessory can also be personalized. Beyond that, the tech specs say that the personal cigar humidor comes with a stainless steel cigar cutter. I would hope so. However, it also contains a compact brass analog hygrometer, eye dropper pipettes with cover tips, and Spanish Cedar beds.

Truth be told, I had to google some of those features and why they are important. Here’s the rundown. Hygrometer is what’s used to measure moisture. Eye dropper pipettes for keeping distilled water, because you don’t want the additional minerals that come with tap water. Finally, the Spanish cedar beds are made to absorb or release moisture as necessary.

Not being a smoker myself, I must say it sounds like this is the real deal. I will have to report back once I get some feedback.

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