Wizsla Magnetic Wristband

If you need to give the DIY dad in your life some assistance with their latest home improvement project then the Wizsla magnetic wristband is the ideal gift. This wristband is perfect for holding small screws, drill bits, washers, and a ton of other hardware. Don’t think this useful tool is only good around the house, it puts in work overtime in the garage and more!


Alright, so this is a personal favorite of mine because I am in the midst of a basement remodel. Every DIYer knows how big of a pain it can be to try and hold a bunch of screws in their mouth. Not to mention how bad this habit is for your teeth. Anyways, I got tired of dropping the screw while up on top of a ladder.

Enter the Wizsla Magnetic Wristband to save the day. I no longer have to fish around in my tool belt to grab my next screw or nail, which saves my fingers a lot of pain. If I need to switch out multiple drill bits for a project, I have an extra set of hands to hold that bit for me. That means no more setting small tools or fasteners down and trying to remember where I put them.

Another perk to this useful tool is the work it puts in around the garage. I’m able to hold bolts, small sockets, and washers without calling in for backup. When I’m laying underneath my truck, I can keep track of all the small parts with ease. Simply touch whatever metal object I took out to the wristband and it’s there when I need to put things back together.

Wizsla Magnetic Wristband Construction

The magnetic wristband comes in two different sizes, large and small. Depending on the size, the number of magnets used will vary. The large size of wristband has 6 high-quality magnets to hold things in place. The smaller size of wristband contains 4 magnets. Larger wristbands are better for men. Smaller wristbands work best for women, and younger DIYers.

Attaching the wristband is accomplished easily and quickly with a velcro strap. It can even be looped through a belt if the wrist is not a preferred location. Additionally, magnets are covered with a double thick Nylon. Therefore, jagged metal or sharp screws shouldn’t cause a tear and expose the magnets. However, the backing is padded and breathable which still makes it comfortable to wear.

Finally, the magnetic wristbands come in several color options — yellow, black, and teal. So, choose the style that best fits their personality. I recommend the yellow or teal since they’re easier to spot on a cluttered job site or garage.

Magnetic Wristband Limits

While the Wizsla wristband is a great tool, it is not without its limitations. Because the wristband uses magnets, there may be certain screws or nails that won’t work. For instance, stainless steel or coated fasteners may not adhere securely or at all. Small rubber bit organizers can still be used if the tips of the bits are exposed.

Additionally, I don’t recommend overloading the wristband with heavier sockets. I would avoid larger sockets (e.g. 3/4 inch drive). While the wristband can hold smaller sized sockets of this drive size, the weight can make it uncomfortable to wear. Along those lines, larger drill bits may work with the magnetic wristband but should be avoided.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the ideal gift for the DIYer in your life then this is it. Those who work with tools either around the house, in the garage, or in their profession will appreciate the Wizsla magnetic wristband. Help them keep track of those small metal tools and bits without ever having to be present on the job.

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