16 Ways To Surprise Him This Valentine’s Day – For Husbands and Boyfriends

Typically, Valentine’s Day is considered a holiday for men to show their appreciation for their wives or girlfriends. However, many women also express their affections on this holiday of love. Although, if you’ve been in a long term relationship, many Valentine’s Days have come and gone. After a while, you start to run out of ideas. You’ve probably exhausted your repertoire of romantic activities. If you’re looking for a way to surprise your husband or long term boyfriend this Valentine’s Day here’s some ideas.

  1. Check out a local brewery (or winery)
  2. Give him glamour shots
  3. Give him a massage
  4. Setup a romantic getaway
  5. Rock his world with a concert
  6. Create a scavenger hunt
  7. Take him on a shopping spree
  8. Sexy text messages (Sexts)
  9. Blindfolded date
  10. Make him dessert
  11. Get him a subscription
  12. Get his car detailed
  13. Surprise delivery
  14. Sexy games or coupon book
  15. Low key Valentine’s evening
  16. Meet for the first time — again

1. Check Out A Local Brewery

Chances are, your boyfriend or husband has lined up a romantic candlelit dinner. While he may have some other activities planned for afterwards, convince him to stop off at a local brewery (or winery).

Treat your lover to a tasting of the beer (or wine) selection. This can be a great aphrodisiac for when the lights go out in the bedroom. Who knows, you may have even found a new date spot, and it shouldn’t interfere with any of his plans.

2. Give Him Glamour Shots

As long as you haven’t waited until the last minute, you should be able to book a session with a local photographer. Snag your husband a sweet custom card, and tuck some of your glamour shots inside. Make sure to include the wallet sized versions for your husband to keep in his wallet.

If you’re feeling really adventurous, you could try wearing something a little more risque for the photo shoot. As your photographer if he/she does boudoir photographs.

3. Give Him A Massage

If you’re looking for a sensual way to end (or start) the evening, try giving your husband a back massage. After a long day at work, and all the stress leading up to Valentine’s Day, he’ll be ecstatic. Just grab some lotion and candles for his rub down. Don’t spend too much time getting him to relax, or you risk him passing out before the conclusion of the evening’s festivities.

4. Setup A Romantic Getaway for Hubby

Your husband probably has Valentine’s Day booked solid. Sneaking in a quick stop at a local brewery may work, but any extensive plans will have to be pushed to another weekend. This actually works to your advantage since you’ll no longer be paying holiday rates.

Try renting a log cabin for a mountain getaway and hit the slopes with your boyfriend or husband. This option gives you a chance to cuddle up with your spouse to keep warm. Alternatively, you could book a trip somewhere tropical to get away from winter’s chill if your hubby looks good in a bathing suit.

5. Rock His World

If there’s a concert venue near you, see if you can grab some tickets to his favorite artist. Getting your boyfriend or husband tickets won’t interfere with their Valentine’s Day plans. Now you two lovebirds are setup for another romantic evening. Except now it’s your turn to surprise him!

6. Lovers Scavenger Hunt

Start the evening off with a romantic scavenger hunt. Put the first clue in an envelope and seal it with a kiss. Try revisiting some significant milestones in your relationship. Perhaps a visit to the site of a romantic date from early in your relationship is in order. Maybe a trip to make out point if you’re high school sweethearts. Whatever your chosen location, try finishing things off in the bedroom with a sexy negligee.

7. Hubby Shopping Spree

Try taking your husband or boyfriend out for a shopping spree as a nice surprise this Valentine’s Day. If your husband could use an update to his wardrobe, treat him like your own personal Ken doll. First, find some clothes that make him look exceptionally handsome (be sure to compliment him). Then, add on a cologne you find appealing. You get the bonus of having a sharp dressed man on your next date night.

Another option is to take him to his favorite tool, car, hardware, etc. store and give him a budget. He can finally grab that power tool he’s been dropping hints about, or pick up a bunch of small items he couldn’t justify buying for himself.

8. Send Him Sexy Messages

Nowadays, everyone has a cell phone. Take advantage of this and snap a couple risque pics to surprise him throughout the day. If you take pictures, be sure to obscure any recognizable facial features to protect your identity.

You don’t even need to necessarily need to send sexy pictures. If you’re self conscious, try referring to particularly passionate evenings you’ve had. These can be subtle hints about your previous nights of passion. Something as simple as “remember that time in Florida” can be enough to spark his memory. There’s no better way to get your lovers blood pumping for the Valentine’s Day evening events than this.

9. Blind-folded Date

Sometimes, the art of conversation is lost through the years. Couples that have been together for a long time feel like they have run out of things to discuss. A creative way to get those conversation juices flowing is to take away your eyesight. That’s right, try a “Bird box” date night. If you think this is excessive, just try doing a portion of your date blindfolded.

You don’t need to be blindfolded for the entire evening for this to be a success. You can even make a game out of it. For instance, take turns with the blindfold, when doing your Valentine’s Day gift exchange. Have a little fun by giving them clues as to what their gift is. When they’ve given up (or figured it out) have them take off their blindfold and share a romantic smooch in the candlelight. Now tell me you two weren’t smiling!

10. Make Him Dessert

Nothing at a restaurant or store can compare to a home cooked meal. Since he’s probably got the meal portion covered, try making a homemade dessert this Valentine’s Day.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, bust out the whip cream bikini. It’s a great way to work in some healthy fresh fruit into your dessert menu. Not to mention that it can be used as a bit of foreplay. However, be warned this can get a bit messy, don’t believe the movies!

11. Get Him A Subscription

Depending on your significant others’ vice, you can try getting them a magazine or service subscription for Valentine’s Day. If you know your husband is addicted to television, try getting him a Hulu subscription. For the husband who is big into movies, you can get him an Amazon Prime subscription to get access to tons of movies.

This past Christmas, my lady got me a Youtube subscription so there’s no more annoying ads when I peruse the internet video’s. It was a fantastic gift idea!

12. Get His Car Detailed

If your husband takes pride in his vehicle, or is a car enthusiast, try getting him a coupon for a car detailing. While this isn’t a cheap gift, it’s a Valentine’s Day surprise your husband will truly love and appreciate.

Of course, you’ll either need to steal your husbands car without him knowing, plan to drop him off at work, or get him a gift certificate. If you want to be really sneaky drop your car at a friends and tell him your car is in the shop, and that you’ll need to drop him at work on Valentine’s day. You’ll really need to play this up for it to work.

This is a practical gift, but your boyfriend or husband will appreciate the sentiment.

13. Surprise Delivery

Look, men like surprises almost as much as women do. However, they aren’t as receptive to things like flowers and chocolates. Well, unless it’s something like a 1 pound Snickers bar, then you’re probably okay sending chocolate.

With all of the food delivery services out there, try getting your boyfriend or husband a meal delivered to the office. This is particularly great if your husband is prone to bringing his lunch to the office. With services like door dash, the possibilities are endless (they can even deliver Ruth’s Chris). Simply find his favorite restaurant and order his go to meal for delivery!

14. Sexy Games or Coupon Book

If you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom department, you can opt to give him a NSFW gift. I recommend you do this at home or at that romantic dinner. If you’re not up to making your own coupon book (or don’t have time) give this coupon book found on Amazon.

Looking for something that is a little more playful, and interactive? You can also try some games for couples. An inexpensive and fun way to do this is with these sexy time dice on Amazon. With 2 different sets, you and your lover have so many more options.

15. Low Key Valentine’s Evening

Not really buying into the whole, commercialized and romanticized version of the holiday. Instead, opt for a quiet evening in the house. A ton of guys love video games, and if your husband or boyfriend is one of them, try renting a new game from Redbox and ordering a pizza.

A fun night of gaming may be just what the love doctor ordered. Grab a 12 pack of his favorite brew or liquor and don’t set a bed time. Just game with your man until you no longer know what time it is. Who knows what will happen afterwards.

16. Meet For The First Time — Again!

Here’s a fun idea to infuse your love with a newfound flame. Plan to meet up at a local bar before the festivities begin this Valentine’s day. One of you should arrive before the other, and grab a drink at the bar. From here it’s re-creating your relationship from the ground up. Simply pretend you don’t know each other and see where the evening takes you.

If you really want to take it to the extreme, take out an ad in Craigslist. Maybe title the entry something like “If you like Piña Colada’s…” then send the link to your boyfriend. Just make sure he replies with some kind of signature so you don’t end up getting picked up by some random guy at the bar. Meet at the designated time and go from there.

Final Thoughts

And that rounds out our list of ways to surprise your husband this Valentine’s Day. Hopefully, you’ve found at least one of these ideas appealing and will have a wonderful night of romance, intrigue, or just plain fun ahead of you. If you were unable to find anything that piques your interest, feel free to leave a comment. However, if you do end up using one of these ideas, let the rest of the community know how things went. Thanks, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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