Bluetooth Sous Vide

I’m a believer! Want perfectly cooked meat, then get this Bluetooth Sous Vide. Seal your meat in an airtight wrap. Set the temperature you want the meat to cook at. Sit back and watch Netflix while you’re food is cooked to perfection. A must have for any culinary artist. Aspiring chefs will also appreciate.


Folks, if you grew up like me, you hated hearing that you’d be having pork chops for dinner. My mother is an amazing woman, but perfect chops are not her forte. I needed virtually an entire jar of applesauce to finish off a meal. I don’t even know if that’s a thing, I just heard that you could use applesauce to compliment the meat.

Anyways, I lucked out and my lady is a fantastic cook. This includes pork chops. Often times I will ask what she added to [insert meat here]. She’ll reply with a “I just threw some stuff together.”

This weekend however, we went to a buddy’s house to just hang out and pick berries at a local farm. When we arrived at her new house (congrats K-cup) we started to get the afternoon hunger attack. After deliberating for a while, it was settled we were going to have pork chops. I was then told she’d be preparing them with her sous vide. “What the hell is that?” I inquired. I proceeded to get schooled on the water temp cooking method, and why it is so great.

Bluetooth Sous Vide Features

I was intrigued, so as she setup the pot with the water I observed. She showed me the 60 second breakdown of the bluetooth sous vide wand. You can select how you want your meat cooked, and basically use your phone to do the settings. Yes, there’s an app for that.

First, you have to seal the meat in an air tight plastic. She had a sweet foodsaver to vacuum seal the pork. Apparently you can use a ziploc bag and submerge it to get the air out before sealing. That’s if you don’t have a way to vacuum seal the food like she did. This is important to keep the juices in the meat. No more dried out pork chops!

There was a little knob to connect the bluetooth sous vide to the pot she was using. Did I mention the app has a ton of recipes too? Apparently it can also send you alerts as the food is cooking.

Final Thoughts

Eventually, she announced she was going out to the grill, just to put a char on the outside of the meat. BTW the food was great! I did not see the cleanup. Though I’m not sure why you’d need to, since it’s just sitting in water. But then again, I’m no chef. Supposedly, it’s super easy to clean because of the removable stainless steel skirt.

Also, if you’re feeling really brave there’s a wi-fi sous vide version. So you could in theory start the dinner process before your long commute home. I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to try that, I get nervous about high heat devices being on when I’m not around.

A great gift for the mom on the go. It’s also simple enough to use for the guy who doesn’t cook, but enjoys perfectly cooked steak. All in all, this product is superb.

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