Golf Chipping Net

Irons? Check. Golf balls? Check. Grass? Check. Golf Chipping Net? Check. Perfect, it’s time to perfect your golf swing. Grab your preferred iron, some golf balls, and get to chippin’. Help the golfer in your life perfect their game and provide hours of entertainment.

Honesty review, my step-father did not have this exact model of practice chipping net. However, I can speak to the versatility and entertainment factor this gift will provide.


And now a little back story. My mother is not a golfer, even in retirement she didn’t pick the sport up. However, my stepfather — for ease we’ll refer to him as Bob — is an avid golfer, so much so that he plays pretty much daily now that he’s retired. Even before they abandoned their 9-5’s my mother would accompany Bob on the links. She enjoys nature, and for some strange reason, his company.

In any case, while out on the golf course my mother took to collecting the golf balls she’d find. You know, the ones that unfortunate golfers that came before her had lost. Bob is pretty particular about the balls he uses, so occasionally she’d find his brand. But what to do with the rest of them? You can guess where I am going with this one. She got him a golf chipping net to use in the front yard. And use it he did!

I remember him sitting in the front yard just chipping away from 30ish feet away. Using that seemingly never ending supply of used golf balls. Seems he improved his perfect golf swing sufficiently to best his buddies (who no longer play him for $).

A word of caution, I recommend for use in the back yard. Then you’re away from vehicles and hopefully most of the glass on the house. The sizing of his net was roughly the same, at about 2′ diameter. It lasted for as long as I can remember, he may still have it. So durability shouldn’t be a concern.

Final Thoughts

A good pairing is the Shag Bag. Bonus if you fill it with golf balls. Ours was almost bursting at the seems we had so many.

So be the best caddy who never steps on the course and get the golfer in your life this amazing gift.

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