Magic The Gathering Card Case

Pirate Labs did this one right. Help your card collector keep their prized possessions safe with this Magic the Gathering card case. Of course, this works for pretty much all collectible card games including YuGiOh, Pokemon, and the rest. Could also be adapted for sports cards and other collectible cards. Help them keep their collection secure in style!


I like to think I have a pretty eclectic group of friends. I’ve got friends who play softball, friends that just like to party, and friends who love to nerd out. Believe me, I’ve been the target of more than a few jokes about my own nerdy habits (looking at you Cathy and Steph).

Magic the Gathering (MTG for short) is a collectible card game, similar to YuGiOh, Pokemon, etc. but it’s the original (and the best)! My playgroup for MTG gets together randomly, and usually in the slower fall/winter months. This is when no one is on vacation and the weather tends to be the crappiest for outdoor activity.

We play it all ladies and gents. Modern, Limited, Commander, you name it. My buddy Justin has something called a “cube.” I’ll spare the non MTG crowd the explanation but needless to say it’s several hundred cards, and some of them are worth a decent amount of money. This inspired me to create my own cube, which I now keep in the Pirate Labs case. A member of our playgroup had this case, and I thought it was a sweet way to keep my cards. Turns out this is one of the best investments I’ve made in my (over a decade) card collecting history.

Magic the Gathering Card Carrying Case Features

Outer Construction

pirate labs interior of back pocket
View of the interior of my mtg pirate labs case, the piece at the top is my play mat

Alright, lets start with exterior construction. The outside of the case is made of a ” 400D/1680D polyester fabric” I think it’s more like canvas but smoother to the touch. It’s not water-proof, but I’ve carried it in light rain and the cards were perfectly fine. Each of the walls has some kind of semi-solid coroplast walls (think thick cardboard). The Pirate Lab logo is emblazoned on the front and on the zippers in rubber.

Transport is easy with a rubber wrapped carrying handle or shoulder strap. The handle is sewn into the body of the case. Mine is fraying a little bit, but it’s held up nicely. Shoulder straps attach to D rings that attach to the main body with sewn cloth. I have not seen any fraying on this, but I tend to always carry via the handle.

Interior Construction

mtg pirate lab large case open

Moving onto the interior, there are two compartments. The first is a zippered pocket, where you can store a playmat and small binder of trade cards. It will fit a starndard 3 ring 1″ binder, but is not deep enough for a z-folio binder.

The second compartment is the main body and where you will store your collectible cards. It’s worth it to note that both pockets are zippered, and the way to tell, which side is which, is that the Pirate Labs logo is on the front of the main compartment (likely by design). This main space houses the blue organizational tray which comes in 2 styles. I opted for the 5 compartment version, but there’s also a 3 compartment version the runs the length of the case. Trays are blue, and made of a hard foam, capable of taking a bit of punishment. Honestly though, I doubt your collector will allow that to happen.

I have my cube of approximately 365 cards completely sleeved, and enough land for an 8 person draft another 400 (sleeved) cards easy. I still have room to spare for deckboxes, dice, and other gaming peripheries. Almost forgot that the Magic the Gathering Case comes with foam dividers (8) too, so you can separate parts of your collection.

Final Thoughts

I said it before, and I will say it again, The Magic the Gathering card case is one of the best investments I’ve made in my history of collecting cards. I can easily transport hundreds of cards and necessary gaming tools to and from my buddies houses without worry about the safety of my cards. No more backpack with mismatched fat packs and corrugated white BCW boxes. If you have a serious collector of cards, and they don’t have this, then make their holiday!

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