Minion Pet Costume

Convert your furry friend, into your own personal Minion. Maybe you’d like to accompany your pet as Gru or Lucy for the neighborhood rounds. Make it a family event and have the kids dress up as Agnes, Margo, or Edith. You could go all-in with the minion theme, and turn your kids into them as well. They’ll dig the inflatable costume, which beats the papier mache Ninja Turtles Costume I rocked in my youth. Regardless of what the family does, our 4-legged friends need something to feel like part of the festivities, so help them out and get this Minion pet costume for them for Halloween.

I would not say I am a Star Wars fan, but I do like the movies. I am a nerd, so we opted to turn our shih-tzu into an Ewok. To be honest, she looks like one when she’s not in costume. I am a villain type, so Darth Maul was my costume of choice. The lady friend chose to play the sit on the couch girlfriend, who doesn’t participate in Halloween (Boo!) that year.

Looking to bling your furry friend out, or worried about taking them trick-or-treating sans leash? Check out the Pod Animal Tracker, for a sweet gift for your pooch or kitten.

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