Mousr – The Best Electronic Cat Toy

If you’re looking for the best electronic cat toy around, look no further than Mousr. With select-able speeds, you can introduce Mousr at a slow speed and then crank up the juice once they’re hooked. It also comes standard with an automatic and phone controlled mode (download the free app) for extra bonding. Super durable, and sure to keep your feline entertained.


I don’t know if I mentioned this, but I recently adopted a cat. He’s still rather young, but I intend to get this for him as a present once he’s roughly full grown. For now he’s content chewing on his little house and playing with the dogs. Once the entertainment runs out on those, this gift is sure to keep him busy.

I found out about Mousr from a co-worker while talking about various other cool cat inventions. After being subjected to many midnight to 4AM frolics from my new tenant I mentioned needing something to tire him out. Enter Mousr (pronounced Mouser). The brainchild of a recent kick-starter project, the Petronics company has truly engineered the best cat toy on the market I’ve seen.

Features of the Mousr Electronic Cat Toy

After plugging away at the usual questions I ask, like “Are you satisfied?” and “Any Complaints?” I got more detailed information. By the way, my co-worker was more than satisfied and didn’t have any complaints if you were wondering.

First, he showed me video of his cat playing with Mousr. The cat definitely seemed focused, paying little attention to the camera. With variable speeds, slow to fast, it’s probably best to introduce your cat at a slow speed. This is how he piqued his cats interest. Once the cat was comfortable enough to walk up and investigate then the real fun began.

This isn’t like any other electronic cat toy, because it understands that a cats personality varies. Some are chewers like my cat and others are more stimulated by the stalk and chase aspects. Mousr accomplishes both in a variety of ways. With several tail attachments, you can really find out where your cat’s interests lie. My co-worker got the largest tail attachment set. His reasoning “I didn’t know what he would like” so he got them all. Seems legit.

Another feature that sets Mousr apart from other electronic cat toys, is that it lets the owner interact with their feline companion. Download the free app, and you can control the mouse. Less interested in playing with your cat? That’s cool, there’s an auto mode as well.

He remarked that unlike other toys, Mousr works on multiple surfaces, and transitions from hard flooring to carpet almost seamlessly. Getting stuck in strange places was another concern that he voiced with other toys that Mousr is more than capable of handling. He also explained that the cat toy came with a charging station. That means you aren’t replacing batteries constantly. Take a look at the video above from Mousr for a demonstration.

The Limitations

Because of all the features, Mousr does have a finite power supply. I don’t think it’s a toy you can leave on auto mode all night. The full-power consumption of manual mode at full speed has an expected run time of about 30 minutes. This should be sufficient to tucker out your kitten. You should be familiar with the concept of bluetooth pairing if you intend to use Mousr, or if gifting this little gem, you may want to assist with setup.

It explicitly states on the petronics site that this toy is not intended for dogs. Mostly because the bite power of the larger breeds could seriously damage the unit. Our Shih-tzu who has her teeth falling out and nibbles on the kittens feet without repercussions is not a concern. However, if the pit bull takes an interest it could be disastrous. As long as you monitor the usage of Mousr it shouldn’t be a problem. But it is worth noting if you or the gift recipient owns a dog.

Final Thoughts

As I said, I don’t currently own this, but I fully expect I will be getting Sam (my cat) this awesome electronic cat toy in the near future. The price point is a bit high, but given the careful though and consideration being put into this product, I highly recommend it. The fact that they are constantly developing and improving the application available to owners alone shows the dedication to the product.

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