Wine Decanter with Ice Cup For Chilling

Do you know the optimum temperature to serve white wine? Apparently it’s 49-55 degrees. This wine decanter provides you a way to keep that wonderful bottle of happiness chillin’ (see what I did there) at the ideal temp. So keep the heat at bay and keep their beverage frosty on a warm summers day.


I could lie and say I love white wine. I do not, and I won’t pretend like I do. Should I feel the need to partake, I will opt for the sweet taste of Muscadine wine. However, given the choice I’ll take a Whiskey on the rocks (as in whiskey stones if available).

My female counterpart however loves red wine. I’m sure a recommendation of hers will make it on the list at some point. However, her sister prefers the white variety. This is where this gift idea comes in.

Wine Decanter Features

Alright, back to the lecture at hand. The wine decanter holds up to 1 liter of liquid. In case you’re wondering, typically a wine bottle is 750ml. That’s a fifth for the whiskey drinkers like me…(lightbulb!). The cup of ice fits neatly into the indentation on the bottom of the decanter. Thus you don’t have to worry about the wine getting watered down. Use caution when lifting the decanter so you don’t knock over the glass of ice.

Final Thoughts

I hope I still have some unique gifts to give come the holidays. I’m giving you guys gold, plus I think all my friends and family will end up reading these.

Anyways, this is a great piece for those classy parties, and when not in use is not an eye sore. So give the gift of perfect temperature wine.

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